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the main altar in a church

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They show the little spy hole Sanctus window, above the chancel arch, which allows bell ringers in the ringing chamber to look down into the chancel at the high altar so they can ring the bell at this critical point in the service.
Some of the building's best-known features, including Neville Screen, High Altar, Prior Castell's Clock and the North Door have already been constructed.
Upon his death, he was laid to rest beside Cardinal Terrence Cooke in the crypt beneath the high altar of St.
In the restoration, a new high altar was made but with different dimensions and the frontal was no longer displayed.
This year, Angela Wright, whose first large-scale wool work was installed at Wallspace in 2009, makes a remarkable impact on the reredos and high altar of the Cathedral.
On the high altar sat St Edward's Crown, which is used only in coronations.
These doors led to the high altar of the Orthodox church, closed to all but the priest and hierarchy and, in the case of Imperial Russia, the Emperor.
HENRY I (1100 - 1135) He was buried in front of the high altar of Reading Abbey but his tomb did not survive Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.
Inside the church in this third trench, further investigation has revealed some large fragments of window tracery which could well relate to the east window, behind the high altar.
At the eastern end is the high altar with a half dome above it.
Kirianne Curley, whose Royal Marine husband Stephen Curley was killed in Afghanistan last year, took part in the solemn task carrying the Book of Remembrance along the nave to the high altar.
It was bitter because there were eight candles to light, two by the altar and six others way up on the old high altar.
However, Thoky brought the body from Berkeley Castle in his own chariot, emblazoned with his abbey's arms, and procession of smartly-dressed citizens saw it buried in the church by the High Altar.
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