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Berks Meghan Motze of Antietam High School Heather Natale of Muhlenberg High School Ian Roth of Wilson High School Kristen Wade of Hamburg Area High School Essence Williams of Reading High School
Officials hope the plan will give them breathing room to develop a permanent solution to crowding at West Ranch High by 2010, when Castaic High School is scheduled to open.
What makes the Julia Richman experiment so important is that the basic blueprint of the nation's high schools hasn't changed significantly since the rise of the "comprehensive" high school nearly a century ago.
If you have high HDL (60 or over), subtract one from your total.
UHV brings golden opportunities as well as severe challenges for China high voltage switch industry.
Mold steels include Impax Supreme (P-20 modified) premium-quality, prehardened grade with superior polishing and photo-etching properties; Orvar Supreme (H13 improved) through-hardening mold steel with superior machinability, polishability, and toughness; and Compax through-hardening steel with good toughness at high hardness and moderate wear resistance.
High Yield Sales and Trading Division, Jefferies & Company, Inc.
or Students On The Academic Rise, High School, expects to start with about 70 ninth-graders and eventually grow to about 400 students.
Thyssen Alumold, a new high-strength, high-quality aluminum alloy, suitable for small to medium production runs, has excellent through-hardening ability, thermal conductivity and high weight strength-to-ratio.
Gain an insight into how the penetration of technologies such as high definition TV and PVRs will differ between different country markets.
Adams Rahel Assefa of New Oxford Senior High School Sarah Hansen of Littlestown Senior High School Rachel Hottle of Delone Catholic High School
Without any public decision, American high schools have quietly adopted a new informal approach, the college-for-all policy (Rosenbaum, 2001).
If you need proof, consider this: while more students than ever are taking "college-level" courses in high school, more students than ever in college are taking "high-school" level courses.
The degree ratio is the number of high school diplomas awarded in a given year divided by the number of individuals aged 17.
But high speed doesn't benefit shear-sensitive resins like LCPs and high-performance nylons.