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Synonyms for hieratic

a cursive form of Egyptian hieroglyphics

associated with the priesthood or priests

adhering to fixed types or methods

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1943: A limestone ostracon with seven lines of hieratic text may include a mention of the qnb.
Das Buch Le Grand, with its echoes of Christian soteriology, Napoleon as a figure of hieratic wholeness in a fragmented and epigonal age.
Six dancers spring to the bright, sparkling rhythms of British composer Graham Fitkin's score, echoing the angular, almost hieratic arm gestures that color many of Goh's 36 works.
Of the 212 sherds, 175 bear identifiable texts: 125 Greek, 42 Demotic Egyptian, 6 Arabic, one Coptic, and one Hieratic sherd, the oldest of the group, possibly a draft of a letter or a school exercise, dating to the 2nd millennium BC.
Former interpretations of the central tondo's cloudborne, hieratic Cosimo-Augustus crowned by Fiorenza as an absolutist "apotheosis" reflect Kurt Forster's "Metaphors of Rule" (MKIF 15 [1971] 85-86, 97-98): in 1561, Fedeli, the Venetian ambassador, asserted Cosimo's unbroken divine rule; the tondo manifests Vasari's record of "Cosimo, trionfante e glorioso" in tandem with Florence's historic past.
The contrast between the formal, almost hieratic "high" scenes in the King's council and the "low" scenes in Eastcheap was strongly marked; in some scenes, however, the outright comedy provoked a strong sense of discomfort.
The preacher--appropriately larger than the others according to the hieratic scale--rings a church bell as the congregation proceeds around the grave site.
They make noble and sometimes hieratic gestures in the spirit of eighteenth-century theater and, best of all, their movements are decorous and restrained--they rarely run about senselessly from one area of the stage to another when they are not singing (the most egregious element of other baroque opera videos I've seen).
In Durer's rigidly hieratic Self-Portrait (1500), for example, the artist portrays himself as an imposing Christ figure.
Nunn's creation of a physical and verbal language for the Incas is characterful, drawing on everything from almost hieratic group wails to African-toned squealing and foot-stomping to the South American pan-pipes of Marc Wilkinson's woodwind and percussion score.
Coptic is a combination of the ancient Egyptian languages Demotic, Hieroglyphic and Hieratic.
A tree structure is indeed a god-like source, branching into districts, into villages, into streets, possibly zones even, in a hierarchic and hieratic way.
This is the type of attentiveness that Harold Bloom's hieratic gushiness precludes: it finds in particulars the central urges and assumptions of the overriding movement.
Guyot shows that Bloy created a highly personal Latin that is neither the Classical archetype of Republican virtue, nor the hieratic sign of God's presence on earth, but rather a varied and flexible medium that, combined with French, more easily expresses a radical esthetic and apocalyptic theology.
One actor recalls the hieratic clarity of a Byzantine saint," the introduction to the accompanying book tells us.