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a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

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Video recordings of the children's reactions to the play showed that the youngsters consistently looked at the hiding place, indicating that they expected the first man to search for the scissors where he had left them.
Would any reasonable judge believe what a special hiding place in your home is and that you claim that the hard disc belongs to you but you don't know who put it in your most secret place in your home and you are not aware of the information on that hard drive?
I liked that there was no hiding place - it made you a better player.
Until now it was not known that the West German secret service knew about Eichmann's hiding place eight years before his arrest.
It was in this hiding place that I heard my grandmother say that I was filthy when she got me, three days after I was born, brought by car in a basket because they did not have a cradle and I hardly had a stitch to put on.
Comment: Page 2" There will be no hiding place for managers or staff COUN ALAN RUDGE
A NO Hiding Place was ITV's best-known early police drama series and starred the much-loved Raymond Francis as Detective Chief Superintendent Tom Lockhart.
Several times through the first four episodes of BBC America's "Robin Hood," Robin (Jonas Armstrong) reminds his doltish yet loyal manservant Much (Sam Troughton) to wait for "the last man," the laggard among the Sheriff of Nottingham's troops who might stumble upon their hiding place and undo their efforts.
Their hiding place was concealed by a huge wardrobe that covered the door to the bathroom in the pastor's bedroom.
They often had to find a hiding place for the Jews, perhaps a small space under the roof of the house or the stable.
A recent set of lab experiments then showed that infected lobsters didn't care whether they shared a hiding place with a healthy lobster or with another sick one.
A huge undercover operation found the gang behind it and the stone was retrieved from its hiding place in the bra of a female member.
Jason Robinson has rallied Sale Sharks for their next tough Heineken Cup assignment, but conceded: 'There is no hiding place in this tournament.
1966 Hiding Place, trained by Jack Clayton and ridden by Scobie Breasley, earns herself a spot in the 1,000 Guineas line-up when she gets the better of Padante in the Nell Gwyn on the final, snowy day of the Craven meeting.