hidden reserve

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reserves that do not show up on the balance sheet (as by understating values)

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EC companies that create hidden reserves seldom intend to be fraudulent.
Because sellers are not required to sell if the hidden reserve is not met, these nine auctions may not have generated actual transactions.
Hidden Reserve was pressed all the way to the line by another first-timer, Fair Ina, a Michael Bowe-trained half-sister to Solerina, with the pair pulling nine lengths clear of the third.
There is no hidden reserve of money in my budget or elsewhere within the Assembly Government.
So, with the weaknesses in the banking system and the continuing deterioration of their assets, Japanese banks will continue to liquidate some of their hidden reserves.
Best giving full credit for hidden reserves in the company s property portfolio, Milli Re s risk-adjusted capital on an unconsolidated basis is considered to be adequate.
Even they, because of their meagre numbers, will have to draw on hidden reserves of energy to get over the line first.
But Wales found hidden reserves and the Wolves striker put Earnshaw through for his moment of glory until the Cardiff youngster twisted and turned once too often and lost his footing.
But an outstanding ride from Quinn saw the outsider Royal Cavalier tap hidden reserves to hold on grimly by a head.
But the Lurgan side had to dig deep into hidden reserves of energy and character to claim this crucial victory.
In addition, Maita oversaw the re-launch of the company's website with a multitude of new user-friendly functions, including an auction countdown timer, and increased bidding transparency by eliminating hidden reserves.
Under German legislation, hidden reserves can only be transferred tax-free into a reinvestment if the newly purchased assets belong to a permanent establishment in Germany.
But the Sue Smith-trained gelding, under strong pressure from jockey Warren Marston, plumbed hidden reserves and fighting tenaciously from the last, got up on the line.
It estimates that hidden gains in its equity portfolio are worth $153 million, hidden reserves in non-banking real estate are conservatively valued at $10 million and excess coverage of the loan portfolio is valued at $27 million.
It was last year's champions who found hidden reserves in the final quarter.