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a monosaccharide that contains six carbon atoms per molecule

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In the other Cucurbitaceae species, the proportion of hexoses showed no changes with water stress, apart from an apparent rise in Acur under MS.
G6PD controls the rate of glucose flux through the hexose monophosphate shunt, which in turn, controls the intracellular availability of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH).
The carbohydrates of soybeans, containing little starch and hexose, are largely polysaccharides with some oligosaccharides.
O nectar foi classificado em quatro tipos em funcao da razao sacarose hexose-1 (S/H): sacarose dominante (S/H > 0,999), rico em sacarose (S/H de 0,5 a 0,999), rico em hexose (S/H de 0,1 a 0,499) e hexose dominante (S/H < 0,1) de acordo com o metodo proposto por Baker e Baker (1983).
Some of these virulence factors have easily detectable phenotypes, such as hemolysis on blood agar, PlcB phospholipase activity on egg yolk agar, and Hpt hexose phosphate transporter activity in acidification test (2,12).
MRS reveals additional hexose N-acetyl resonances in the brain of a mouse model for Sandhoff disease.
This is mediated by an increase in NADPH production via the hexose monophosphate shunt.
The unreacted cellulose is returned to the hydrolysis reactor and sugar solution which contains approximately 13% hexose is forwarded to the neutralization stage.
Hemicellulosing Technology for manipulating the Pentose (C5) and other compounds like Hexose is also being used for more productivity, and the produced bioethanol is stored and distributed either as Hydrous (liquid) or Anhydrous (solid).
ABE is collaborating with microbiology and cell science to scale-up a biorefinery, using bacteria genetically engineered, to convert both hexose and pentose sugars to ethanol, butanol, and other high-value chemicals.
Additionally, the analysis suggested that fructose metabolism would be down regulated in the presence of galactose via the down-regulation of a hexose transporter, a hypothesis that was experimentally verified through the measurement of corresponding protein levels.
In addition to lignin, the ethanol used to obtain it is recovered and recycled; furfural, acetic acid, valuable extractives (resin acids, terpenes, fatty acids, phytosterols) are isolated; and the cellulose and hexose sugars derived from hemicellulose are subjected to enzymatic conversion/fermentation to fuel ethanol.
In essence, glycosaminoglycans are long unbranched chains of repeating disaccharide units, each comprising an N-acetyl hexosamine and either a hexose or hexuronic acid.
Total carbohydrate content of fruits includes structural carbohydrates, such as cellulose, that most passerines cannot digest, and more readily digestible soluble carbohydrates, such as hexose sugars (Karasov 1990, Martinez del Rio and Karasov 1990).
A lesser polymer is hemicellulose, a complex polymer consisting of various hexose and pentose sugars, together with acetyl groups, and uronic acids.