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any polyhedron having six plane faces

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The very possible reason for this departure is the fact that the solution domain adopted for the present computations having the shape of a regular hexahedron with large dimensions is in strong contrast with the wind tunnel configuration.
3152 [N/mm] fracture toughness Table 3--Comparison of the numerical simulation and analytical solution Number of 3D FE Applied simulation maximum load [N] 1 Linear hexahedron elements, 45.
For clarity, in the code of CASE 2, it is known that the mesh is constructed from left to right (in x), from front to back (in y), and from the bottom up (in z) to an orthogonal three-dimensional domain composed of hexahedrons elements; also, for example, it is known that node 1 is only element 1 (see Figure 1); it is not necessary to read all elements as in CASE 3.
The hexahedron shape produces prodigious wound channels while preventing over-penetration, providing more shock to the target.
The samples were cut into hexahedron specimens with dimensions of 20 x 20 x 140 [mm.
structure, the properties of regular polyhedrons as tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron or icosahedron can be used in buildings architecture (Figure 6).
As shown in Figure 1, the model consists of the 8-node isoparametric hexahedron elements in a 3D mesh with 21,336 mm in the vertical direction and 3048 mm in the horizontal direction.
3] are the side lengths of the hexahedron, the octahedron in physical space, the octahedron in virtual space, respectively.
Return" offers three six-line stanzas, emblems of the golden hexahedron that shapes the sun he sees.
At first a surface is generated in XOY plane, and then the surface is stretched along Z axis to form a body, at last each element is divided into hexahedron element with the method of stretching.
We study the hexahedron recurrence and its specialization to the Kashaev recurrence.
As the cube is the spatial version of the square, so the rhombic hexahedron is the spatial version of the rhombus, consisting of six rhombus-shaped sides.
Among the topics are linear elasticity, the quadrilateral and the hexahedron, dynamic analyses, plates and shells, and large deformations.
Because of the influence of the jetting outlet, regular hexahedron grid is not easy to acquire, so a tetrahedron grid is carried out as shown in Fig.