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a regular polygon formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon to form two equilateral triangles

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Though the cumulative record does not indicate statistically significant trends in hexagram outcomes yet, a replication study is planned for 2007 with the aim of rectifying that situation.
As I read commentaries for various hexagrams, I decided to invent a form that utilized odd and even numbers (1-2-2-1 etc.
Hexagram hitting and six 16PF factors: Factors F (Liveliness), H (Social Boldness), [Q.
Participants were asked to generate a hexagram in response to a specific question.
For example, hexagram 51 zhen means shake and its inner and outer trigrams symbolize thunder.
In the image space of The Iching, there are eight trigrams (Chien, Kun, Ken, Tui, Chen, Hsun, Kan, and Li, manifesting the forces of Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Marsh, Lightening, Wind, Water, and Fire, respectively) and sixty four hexagrams.
As indicated in ge hexagram in I Ching, when the views of two interactants bar mutual understanding from each other, it means that the two interactants are in an incompatible situation, like the mixture of water and fire.
Regional Manager for Hexagram, a leading company in fixed networks for electric, gas and water.
We take as our point of departure a single hexagram, Chia Jen (number 37, "The Family") to look at the questions of where we are, as a community; where we came from; and where we are going.
formerly known as Hexagram, and Aclara Software Inc.
See Yi jing, hexagram no, 1, Qian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: "Things that share a sound resonate with one another, things that share vital force seek out one another.
The unique AMR program, piloted in the Connellsville, PA water system, has equipped 500 of the water meters with an "MLOG" leak detecting sensor, manufactured by Flow Metrix, and an AMR transmitter as part of a fixed network system designed by Hexagram, Inc.
The Business Outlook described below does not include the impact of the acquisition of Doble Engineering which is expected to be completed during the quarter ending December 31, 2007, or the impact of any potential divestitures, but does include the remaining amortization of identifiable intangible assets related to Nexus and Hexagram, as well as the amortization of the TWACS NG software.
The concluding reference to the canon--the connection of writing to "clarifying decisions'" via hexagram 43 of the Zhouy't--presents writing as an influential political and administrative means.
For instance, the hexagram Qian (Hexagram 1) speaks of "dragon" as doing so-and-so, but "dragon" is probably used here as a symbol.