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a regular polygon formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon to form two equilateral triangles

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Y/N"), assign the possible answers to all sixty-four hexagrams (1-32 means "Y"; 33-64 means "N"), find the next hexagram on the page of printout (hexagram 45, let's say), and interpret the result ("N").
appears in the Judgment of Hexagram 29 "Xi kan," meaning that one's actions will find esteem if one proceeds with sincerity.
Hodge: AOUENTSIOUAERON (= Winnebago) has a vowel tetragram and a vowel pentagram; OUAOUECHKAIRINIOUEK (= Weskarini) and PAUOITIGOUEIEUHAK (= Chippewa) each have a vowel tetragram and a vowel hexagram.
For example, hexagram 51 zhen means shake and its inner and outer trigrams symbolize thunder.
In the image space of The Iching, there are eight trigrams (Chien, Kun, Ken, Tui, Chen, Hsun, Kan, and Li, manifesting the forces of Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Marsh, Lightening, Wind, Water, and Fire, respectively) and sixty four hexagrams.
The hierarchical structure of the interaction between yin and yang is illustrated in the arrangement of the six lines (yao) of each hexagram in I Ching.
See Yi jing, hexagram no, 1, Qian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: "Things that share a sound resonate with one another, things that share vital force seek out one another.
We take as our point of departure a single hexagram, Chia Jen (number 37, "The Family") to look at the questions of where we are, as a community; where we came from; and where we are going.
The prism-like triangular structure of the museum adopted from half of the hexagram of the national flag, with the other half indicating the missing Jew victims.
Meanwhile, like Eman, whose surname we jokingly assigned provenance to the Qabbalah, I learned to rely on Tarot divination, along with the I Ching with its hexagram coins, for counsel on whether it was a good day to go to a wet market or sign a contract that might bind me to political patronage.
The initial hexagram of the I Jing is a very powerful description of sublimated desire.
Parmi les initiatives et les organismes ayant contribue au succes montrealais dans le champ des nouvelles technologies de l'informatique et de l'electronique, je ne saurais passer sous silence Hexagram, reseau dedie a la recherche-creation en arts mediatiques, le Labo NT2, laboratoire de recherche sur les oeuvres hypermediatiques, le centre interuniversitaire des arts mediatiques (CIAM), la Societe des arts technologiques (SAT), ainsi que des evenements tels que la Biennale Internationale d'art numerique (BIAN), le Printemps numerique, les festivals MUTEK, ELEKTRA et Luminotherapie.
The influence of hexagram boxing training on rehabilitation of chronic schizophrenics in army men].
In the I Ching, 46 is the hexagram entitled, pushing upward and that is exactly what Ballet Philippines has succeeded in doing.
Upon noticing Han's use of an Yijing hexagram, you will appreciate that mifu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] should stress not "gone astray" (as if the construction were verb-object) but "back from straying" (mi, setting preconditions for the main verb fu).