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Synonyms for hew

Synonyms for hew

to bring down, as with a saw or ax

Synonyms for hew

make or shape as with an axe


strike with an axe

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The HEWS consists of five subsystems: a missile-warning system (MWS), a countermeasures dispenser, a laser-warning receiver (LWR), a radar-warning receiver (RWR) and jammer, and a central processing unit (CPU).
Sisso and Graham complete Wi-LAN's high-level management team," said Bill Hews, Wi-LAN president.
Other competitors on the HEWS program have even started to speculate that the reason for this latest extension is an effort to give BAE Systems the upper hand.
With superior data rates and unrivalled cost-effectiveness, the new Hopper Plus product is clearly the best value in its class," said Bill Hews, president and chief operating officer.
Turkey wants to perform an ambitious number of HEWS-related activities in-country, including modification, development, and testing; platform integration and installation; integrated logistic support and depot-level maintenence; and development and modification of the HEWS software -- this in addition to offset demands of a minimum 50 percent of the foreign portion of the total contract price.
Hatim Zaghloul, chairman and CEO, and Bill Hews, president and COO, will be part of the Wi-LAN team on hand for the show.
EW self-protection systems for the King Cobras will come from Turkey's Helicopter EW Suite (HEWS) program, as the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries recently decided to combine the $400-million HEWS program with the $4-billion attack-helicopter procurement (see "HEWS Folded into Turkish Attack-Helo Program," JED, June 2000, p.