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  • verb

Synonyms for hew

Synonyms for hew

to bring down, as with a saw or ax

Synonyms for hew

make or shape as with an axe


strike with an axe

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Cancer is an expensive burden, and Hew noted that there is a lack of sufficient funding for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
In addition, exposure to a whole food (CM) or a mixture of proteins (HEW and peanut-protein extracts) resulted in specific antibody responses toward several proteins, whereas most proteins present in CM and HEW extract did not elicit a specific IgE response in the BN rat.
Each person wishing to hew must experiment with the suggestions of others and then personalize it into a style that meets the individual's needs.
HeW partners with its clients to improve a wide range of revenue cycle metrics.
Hew received a master's degree in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Southern Connecticut State University.
A spokesman for HEW said it was decided in January to pursue new support for the sector's international activities.
Mother-of-one Mrs Hew said: "It was the last hand of the night and my husband was with the cashier.
Hew, a biochemist at the University of Toronto who studies fish antifreeze proteins.
Butz's action coincided with a tip received by a Government Operations Committee staff member that not a single HEW program was being properly monitored.
XP-E HEW LEDs are optimized to lower initial costs for diffuse lighting applications, such as LED replacement lamps and downlights.
Pieces cover battles, of course, but also love and friendship--and hew to no particular political line on any of the topics.
The dispute over control of the Berlin electricity distributor Bewag is to be settled by the American Mirant and German HEW groups sharing the 49% of capital offered for sale by the German company E.
Notified of discrepancies by the association insurance company, Department of Insurance investigator Randall Hew opened the case and tapped Monk's knowledge of the inner workings at Diamondhead.