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Synonyms for heuristic

a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem

of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation


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A construction heuristic can calculate customer proximity (closeness) by using information from the list of customer requests.
Such an analysis will help the service operators in selecting an appropriate construction heuristic while expanding the DARP service.
This paper provides insights into how to answer two important questions for the community: (1) given a heuristic, on which instances is it likely to perform well?
These algorithm selectors choose one suitable heuristic according to the features of the instance being solved and the information obtained from the historical performance of the heuristics on similar instances.
presented a new bottom-left-fill heuristic to solve irregular strip packing problem.
They consist of optimization approaches, heuristic and metaheuristic, and the combination of the abovementioned approaches.
Heuristic evaluations are an industry standard set of usability parameters to evaluate existing products, usually with a numeric form.
Keywords: heuristic, euclidean, bounded diameter minimum spanning tree, constrained diameter, greedy
Heuristic scanning is usually much faster than sandboxing because it does not execute the file and then wait to record its behavior, with the exception of some emulation-based techniques.
The tools-to-theories heuristic resides in the finding of new schemes by altering the view of the mind via the comparison of the statistical instrument: the tools-to-theories heuristic can explain the launch and approval of a set of cognitive approaches in seemingly unconnected subdomains of psychology, all of them accepting the notion that cognitive operations can be designed by statistical hypothesis testing.
Clarification of the nature of heuristic bias throughout human development is critical to the study of human thinking and reasoning (De Neys & Feremans, 2013).
Heuristic learning points to method teaching which students do not need to teachers or without leading of teacher can achieve their objectives.
Testing both types of experts may reveal evidence of design heuristic use across two disciplines.
There are two major research programs on heuristic decision-making (Kelman, 2011), but just one seems to dominate the BOps literature.
In a sense, heuristics are the body's simple protection mechanism to keep the brain from consuming too much glucose at the expense of other parts.