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the state of being heterozygous

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In outcrossing species, decreased heterozygosity often is associated with an increase in expression of deleterious recessive genes, which may bring about a decrease in fitness.
The Clinical Relevance of Compound Heterozygosity for the C282Y and H63D Substitutions in Hemochromatosis.
e]) heterozygosity, and tested for HardyWeinberg equilibrium and linkage disequilibrium with GENEPOP version 1.
1997) also states that heterozygosity is a less sensitive measure of variability compared to the number and distribution of alleles and should be used with caution, once it is possible to obtain high values of heterozygosity with two alleles.
The genetic differentiation was observed in all population derived from both observed (Ho) and expected heterozygosity deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
Diversity was expressed as allelic richness (number of alleles per locus, A), observed heterozygosity ([H.
The task is daunting and progress has been slow, but two search methods--chromosome copy number analysis and loss of heterozygosity analysis--are generating promising new results.
Rare species, particularly those distributed in small, isolated populations, may experience genetic drift and/or inbreeding that lead to random fixation of alleles and reduced heterozygosity (4).
Genetic variability of microsatellites in each species was measured by the number of alleles, expected heterozygosity (gene diversity), and observed heterozygosity.
The investigators focused on DNA aneuploidy and tetraploidy and on alterations in the genes for the tumor-suppressor proteins TP53 and CDKN2A accompanied by a loss of heterozygosity (LOH) for those genes.
Expected heterozygosity was estimated by Nei's (1978) unbiased heterozygosity procedure.
The transfer of selected genes in a single generation by genetic transformation is especially interesting for the rubber tree, since its improvement through conventional breeding is limited by long breeding cycles and high levels of heterozygosity," according to Dr.
Also, often many regions of the genome show amplification or loss of heterozygosity by aCGH.
Currently available methods for isolating undegraded circulating DNA are limited, and there is a need to develop novel methods which improve the yield of undegraded DNA and to adapt detection assays so that this DNA can be used to detect mutations, microsatellite instabilities, loss of heterozygosity, epigenetic changes, and other molecular genetic changes.
This data will enable direct comparison of a number of parameters, including alleles per locus, average heterozygosity, and partitioning of genetic va riance.