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(genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent

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These results indicate that heterosis effects are not important for these reproductive traits.
El objetivo de este estudio fue estimar los efectos de la aptitud combinatoria general y especifica, heterosis y heterobeltiosis a partir de cruzas de variedades de maiz QPM, con el fin de identificar las mas sobresalientes y utilizarlas dentro de los programas de mejoramiento genetico para la formacion de nuevos hibridos no convencionales y generacion de lineas segregantes.
Studies have shown that the effect of heterosis significantly increases weights throughout the periodic measures of growth performance in pigs [4].
Thus, the heterosis phenomenon should be considered, as well as the predominance of allelic interactions of the non-additive type.
DNA methylation status is associated with the formation of heterosis in Larix kaempferi intraspecific hybrids.
The averages from populations and witnesses were subjected to heterosis calculation based on the parental averages according to the formula h = (F1 - (P1 + P2) / 2) x 100 for each tested hybrid population.
Heterosis over mid parent value (MP) as per Turner, 1953, Heterosis over better parent (BP) as per Fonseca and Patterson, 1968 and Standard heterosis (SH) using standard check as per Meredith and Bridge, 1972 were calculated.
crosses among related genotypes, such as intragroup crosses, have a tight association between genetic distance and midparent heterosis for yield characters.
Por tal motivo, el objetivo de este trabajo fue estimar la ACG y la ACE de siete progenitores en sus cruzas directas y reciprocas para produccion de grano, asi como la heterosis con respecto a la media de sus progenitores de dos grupos germoplasmicos no emparentados geneticamente, en la expresion fenotipica y genotipica de sus cruzas simples, asi como sus componentes geneticos.
The analysis of variance was carried according to Gomez and Gomez (1984) for determining the differences among the genotypes, whereas combining ability variances and their effects were determined through half diallel biometrical approach developed by Griffing's Model-1, Method11 (1956) and adopted by Singh and Choudhary (1979) while heterosis was calculated with the following formulae developed by Fehr (1987).
Combining ability is import to help faba bean breeders to identify and choose best parents to be hybridized to explore heterosis and or to build up synthetic variants [13,14,15].
Lesser intensity of Na+ ions is preferred as selection criteria as it reflects high level of tolerance to saline conditions, so, minimum values of GCA, negative heterosis in case of SCA and reciprocal effects were desirable for this trait under salinity stress.
Crossbred calves have been averaging 600 to 700 pounds at weaning because of heterosis," he explains.
Application of molecular markers to crop improvement, plant conservation, plant disease management, and understanding and exploiting heterosis come next.
The study concluded significant differences and highest values in heterosis, heterobeltiosis andpotence ratio were found among genotypes and their cross combinations for pollen viability (Sehr-06 x Blue Silver), flag leaf area (SA-42 x Fsd-08), number of grains per spike (Pak-81x Lasani-08) and grain yield plant-1 (Chenab-70 x Fsd-08).