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(genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent

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Heterosis in G2 was calculated as the difference between G2 means and parent populations of G1 means.
Since heterosis is often realized in terms of genetic distance, the distinct gene pools of maintainers and restorers can hasten hybrid rice breeding.
In addition, evidence for a heterosis threshold has been published (Sanford & Hanneman, 1982).
In the case of any degree of dominance greater than zero, heterosis is due to differences in allele frequency between the parents (FALCONER; MACKAY, 1996).
Genetic basis of heterosis for yield in autotetraploid potato.
KEY WORDS: Placopecten magellanicus, crossbreeding, combining ability, heterosis, growth, survival
Therefore, it can be expected that the crossing of Nosrat and Reyhan cultivars leads to the production of products with high values of the traits seed yield, biologic yield, and hybrid awn length, since the combination of these cultivars lead to higher degree of heterosis.
Crossbreeding of S x P and P x S, S x F, and F x S resulted in highly significant effects of heterosis on egg number (9.
Four factors have been found to produce heterozygosity excess: small populations, heterosis, assortative mating and asexual reproduction (Balloux et al.
This is clearly different from the usually positive heterosis observed in intraspecific hybrids (Cruz & Ibarra 1997, Zheng et al.
Direct, maternal and heterosis effects for slaughter and carcass characteristics in three breeds of fat tailed sheep.
ij'] are the effects of the interaction environment x inbred lines, and h is the mean heterosis effect; hi is the effect of the environment x mean heterosis; [h.
These breeds have been crossed with indigenous pig breeds including Taoyuan pig and Lanyu pig to obtain heterosis and complementarity.
Genetic structure, outcrossing rate and heterosis in Astrocaryum mexicanum (tropical palm): Implication for evolution and conservation.