heterophile antibody

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an antibody found in the blood of someone suffering from infectious mononucleosis

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sup][2] However, the Hoagland criteria state that in patients presenting with clinically suspected infectious mononucleosis, the diagnosis should be confirmed using the heterophile antibody (monospot) test.
Although heterophile antibody test is not sensitive, the positive result can reject the need for further investigation.
The ghost in the assay tube: heterophile antibody interferences in immunoassays - an ever-recurring but often forgotten problem.
Initial testing with a CBC--looking for atypical lymphocytes (which after several days replace the early granulocytic response) and a heterophile antibody titer--is a reasonable strategy.
When the mononucleosis is on its way toward resolution, the heterophile antibody and the IgM VCA may be positive or negative, IgG VCA will be positive (and will remain so for life), but EBNA still will be negative.
Evaluation for heterophile-blocking antibodies with the Scantibodies Heterophilic Blocking Tube in serum did not alter the TSH results, suggesting the absence of heterophile antibody interference.
Laboratory findings Complications Atypical lymphocytosis Sensitive but not specific Positive heterophile antibody Not accurate in young children (Monospot) test High levels of anti-VCA IgM May cross-react with rheumatoid factor Raised liver enzymes (AST, ALT) Sensitive but not specific
The AxSYM [beta]-human chorionic gonadotropin assay has previously been shown to be subject to heterophile antibody interference in several female patients.
A rapid slide test for heterophile antibody infectious mononucleosis was positive.
Unless a prolactin immunoassay has been confirmed to be free of this interference, a heterophile antibody is suspected if test results are inconsistent with the clinical picture.
Rather, it detects heterophile antibody, a low-affinity, highly cross-reactive IgM produced when EBV infects uncommitted B cells.
Tsaparas et al[1] published an interesting study describing a cost-effective algorithm for evaluating patients with suspected infectious mononucleosis (IM) and negative heterophile antibody tests.
rheumatoid factor, rapid plasma reagin, ASO, human chorionic gonadotropin [hCG], heterophile antibody, etc.
When is a heterophile antibody not a heterophile antibody?