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(biology) the lack of correspondence of apparently similar body parts

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Primer and probe sequence heterology with genomic sequences of closely related species through diverse genera were validated by BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) database search.
101) In a similar fashion as Homer, one of the first Greek hi star, he gave to the Hellenes the "intellectual framework of their heterology.
As the Romanian analyst cites philosopher Emmanuel Levinas due to the fact that his vision is similar to that of Wiesel, it would have been worth mentioning the monograph of a young Romanian philosopher, Vianu Murefan, author of an excellent analysis of the French philosopher's work: Heterology.
Huysmans acknowledges the heterology of God's plan and man's books, realizing that while a writer creates a conflict that his denouement resolves, the miracles seen in Lourdes correspond to no plot necessity, occur in response to no character development.
2007, diciembre), "Deconstructing Cultural Omnivorousness 1982-2002: Heterology in Americans' Musical Preferences", Social Forces, vol.
In fact, Ranciere frequently bases his arguments on a parallelism between political enunciation as collective enunciation and literary enunciation, for which he uses notions of Bakhtinian lineage, such as dialogism and heterology, among others.
Cobra is in fact a paradisiac text, utopian (without a site), a heterology by plenitude .
and according to Bakhtin, the novel assembles a heterology of discursive types, a heteroglossia of languages, and a heterophony of voices.
A Heterology of Classical Greek Slavery" Greece and Rome 40 (1993): 163-80, and Paul Cartledge, The Greeks: A Portrait of Self and Others (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993), chap.
This heterology (in De Certeau's terminology), or multiplicity of knowledges of the city, was shaped by overlapping spatialities (between people's places of origin and the New York neighborhood) and temporalities (between past and present lives of individuals and groups).
Heterology expression of the Arabidopsis C-Repeat/Dehydration Response Element Binding Factor 1 gene confers elevated tolerance to chilling and oxidative stresses in transgenic tomato.
Desan recognizes that this heterology uniting as it does socio-economic with ethicopolitical language, is not unique to Montaigne but rather symptomatic of changes in late Renaissance culture.
However, I believe that Bataille's anti-Hegelianism and detailed discussions of transgression and heterology are particularly relevant for seeing Chopin's epistemology of subversiveness in The Awakening.
Benign dermal schwannoma with glandular elements: true heterology or a local organizer effect.
For this definition of heterology see de Certeau 1984: 3.