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Synonyms for heterologous

not corresponding in structure or evolutionary origin

derived from organisms of a different but related species

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Osteosarcoma is the most common heterologous element.
Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour with heterologous element: a case report and a review of the literature.
To satisfy the strong demand for the thermostable hydrolase production in enzyme preparation industry, heterologous expression using P.
Promethera uses allogeneic progenitor cells, stem cells and mature hepatocytes that are harvested and purified from non-transplantable, healthy human livers (Heterologous Human Adult Liver-derived Progenitor Cells, HHALPC and Heterologous Human Liver Cells, HHLivC).
But, only the culture supernatant which expressed the prochymosin sequence showed a clearly heterologous protein band when detected by SDS-PAGE method (Figure 6).
Among such residues, an amino acid at position 212 of hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion protein determined hemagglutinin antigenicity of the virus; lysine or arginine at this position resulted in heterologous antigenicities (9).
Coexistence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and heterologous subtype-specific antibodies to HBsAg among patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.
Here, we examined the capacity ofMsHsp23to confer tolerance to heat stress (thermotolerance)by heterologous expression in creeping bentgrass.
Thus, the purpose of the present study was to functionally evaluate the influence of the paraquat compound on the heterologous induction of the predicted promoter sequence for paraquat-inducible genes revealed during genome annotation analyses of the C.
The study will evaluate the safety of MVA EBOZ as a heterologous boost to GSK's Chimp Adenovirus type 3 (ChAd3) Ebola vaccine candidate.
The trial will be conducted by Jenner Institute professor, Adrian Hill, and is aimed at assessing the safety of MVA EBOZ as a heterologous boost to GSK's Chimp Adenovirus type 3 (ChAd3) Ebola vaccine candidate.
The contributors also discuss bioconjugation reactions in living cells, bacteria expressing heterologous surface proteins, cell microencapsulation for regenerative medicine, polymer thin films, hydrogels, and control of cell-cell interactions.
Biologic grafts are classified as autologous or heterologous.