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Synonyms for heterogenous

consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature

originating outside the body

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The task of governing Afghanistan is not a simple task because of the heterogenic and tribal nature of its society and lack of social cohesion with internal unrest and threats.
Finally, the sample in this paper consists of companies from Western Europe countries, which are heterogenic considering economic development (e.
Conversely the small number of participants (n = 69) may reason the heterogenic findings for DBP.
In this method, the pollutants are degraded under ultraviolet light in the presence of a semi-conductive heterogenic catalyst.
However, in today's heterogenic signal environments, traditional swept analysis can fall short where there are pulse and modulated signals, wideband frequency hopping, and short-duration pulses/'
Second, a suitable neighbor node may not get a chance to be selected as hop-node because of its heterogenic nature.
On the basis of this, patients with anoxic brain injury, polyneuropathy, and brain tumors were collapsed in one category, and conclusions about this diagnostic group should be interpreted cautiously, because these patients constitute a heterogenic group.
The overall number of the PC can be as big as the number of traditions processed, but with large and heterogenic material practically only the first two or three PC reveal important tendencies.
Yet, their differences remind us, that such opposition is unorganized and heterogenic and that actors forming opposition may not recognize mutual similarities.
The military--specifically, military professionals--provides a hard but necessary element to the heterogenic American character: the aggressive, spirited element that allows the whole to defend itself.
To date, those studies that have been performed independently have not used heterogenic groups of patients from PICUs, but have investigated certain specific disease categories, new versions of the methods (15,16) or homogenous groups of high mortality patients.
The advantage of this test consists in complex characterization of the mechanical stiffness of the entire heterogenic structure.
Further evaluation and genetic testing can provide valuable insight in this rare heterogenic disorder.
In the 70's all of them mixed in a heterogenic variety of practices that can be categorized as "participatory research".
Organizations can seek new ideas by considering collective wisdom of a heterogenic group of actors, i.