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Synonyms for heterogenous

consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature

originating outside the body

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Berezkin, Yuri (2007) "'Earth-diver' and 'emergence from under the earth': cosmological tales as an evidence in favor of the heterogenic origins of American Indians".
2] values of Freundlich isotherm were found higher than Langmuir isotherm for both adsorbents, so, adsorption process is well fitted to Freundlich isotherm, confirming multilayer coverage of adsorbate having heterogenic adsorbent surface.
Examination of the spleen revealed focal areas of diffuse spindle cells, and undifferentiated, partially trabecular infiltrative epithelial cells with a heterogenic appearance, moderate mitotic figures, and a central cyst, as well as a mild inflammatory reaction consisting of lymphocytes.
They exhibit a heterogenic architectural growth pattern that features a diversity of tissue types with varying degrees of maturity.
The exhibition does not aim to define or portray ystanbul but to display a heterogenic artistic language from three women artists who have taken inspiration from the same city in their work, the statement said.
Cultural sensitivity is therefore definitely important in the marketing of a shopping centre towards a heterogenic group like expats, but should not be exaggerated either since expatriates have some clear common grounds in their value orientation, shopping behaviour and perception of the shopping environment.
A number of variables concur to heterogenic features of HCM in adolescents, and heavy training has been established to be such an important trigger of the first clinical expression in genotype-positive individuals (Basavarajaiah et al.
Assessment of a mixing air delivery system's ability to protect occupants' from airborne infectious disease transmission using the Wells-Riley equation modified for unsteady heterogenic conditions was performed in this study.
Our evaluation, as other studies, shows rather heterogenic values during life-time, contradicting what other authors have found [25,12], that during lifetime SOC has the tendency to grow.
Mitofusin 2 may provide a specific target for the development of drugs that could hold back a disease that affects millions of people worldwide", explains the head of the study, Antonio Zorzano, full professor of the University of Barcelona, coordinator of the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona, and head of the Heterogenic and Polygenic Diseases lab at the same centre.
Heterogenic cellular structures with different neuronal and neurotransmitter contents make it more complex to analyze the effect of fever and hyperthermia as well as the effects of certain drugs on overall process.
Moreover, rappers soon became media stars and their audiences wider and more heterogenic.
In this way, Macedonia is in a situation where it is faced with a very heterogenic legal treatment of the Macedonian minorities by neighbouring countries, as well as, by the countries from former SFR Yugoslavia.
The polypeptide skeleton of the human EPO molecule has a constant amino acid sequence; however, the carbohydrate side-chains are heterogenic in sugar content and structure.