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An optical heterodyne signal generated by mixing the beams, with amplitudes E1 and E2, is detected by photodiode with electrical output (16):
Let us consider the optically controlled heterodyne phaser scheme reported in [42] (Fig.
While I did several practical exercises such as "bread boarding" electronic components to better understand how a super heterodyne receiver works, it was still cognitive in nature.
We have developed quasi-optical terahertz systems based on heterodyne detection (1), (2).
1 The Heterodyne Technique: In a traditional AE signal processing procedure, all of the data is collected and stored to computer for signal processing.
The optical system is based on a novel concept of short coherence heterodyne interferometry working with two wavelengths.
Mixer is an important component in a heterodyne transceiver system because it converts signals from one frequency to another.
The functional diagram is a typical one for coherent-pulse radar with absolute coherence, which means that all the frequencies-carrier and heterodyne, intermediate, repetition and sampling in the analog-digital converter-are provided by the unique quartz-locked oscillator.
A reflecto-directive system using a composite right/left-handed (CRLH) leaky-wave antenna and heterodyne mixing, IEEE Microwave Wireless Compon.
Subjects include: applications of optical interferometry to engineering measurements at different scales, laser detectors on atomic layer thermopile materials, long-period fiber-grating-based interferometers, examination and elimination of periodic error in heterodyne interferometry, and the condensed matter scheme for emergent gravity and interferometry.
In Girl Genius Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm, Agatha Heterodyne and her allies have entered the mad, broken mechanical fortress that is her family's castle; she must find a way to repair the castle defenses before just about everybody else in the world attacks.
The Herschel Space Observatory said Thursday that its telescopes  heterodyne instrument for the far infrared -- one of Herschel's three innovative instruments -- demonstrates the gold mine of information that Herschel will provide on how organic molecules form in space.
Our present experience suggests that barbastelles can be easily overlooked if the observation is done with a heterodyne ultrasound detector, which was often used in previous studies.
A component used for coherent signal demodulation for either heterodyne or intradyne detections.