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combine (a radio frequency wave) with a locally generated wave of a different frequency so as to produce a new frequency equal to the sum or the difference between the two

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of or relating to the beat produced by heterodyning two oscillations

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This project is allowing us to exploit the spatial heterodyne technology developed while I was at the University of South Carolina and the FAST technology developed by CISS to provide significant UV Raman throughput enhancements thus allowing more widespread use of this valuable spectroscopic technique", said Gomer.
An optical heterodyne signal generated by mixing the beams, with amplitudes E1 and E2, is detected by photodiode with electrical output (16):
My training instruction was more hands on used to teach and reinforce the skills necessary to operate and maintain the R-390A/URR general coverage HF receiver that uses super heterodyne principles (for example).
Yngvesson, A passive heterodyne hot electron bolometer imager operating at 850 gigahertz, IEEE Trans.
A reflecto-directive system using a composite right/left-handed (CRLH) leaky-wave antenna and heterodyne mixing, IEEE Microwave Wireless Compon.
Subjects include: applications of optical interferometry to engineering measurements at different scales, laser detectors on atomic layer thermopile materials, long-period fiber-grating-based interferometers, examination and elimination of periodic error in heterodyne interferometry, and the condensed matter scheme for emergent gravity and interferometry.
The Herschel Space Observatory said Thursday that its telescopes  heterodyne instrument for the far infrared -- one of Herschel's three innovative instruments -- demonstrates the gold mine of information that Herschel will provide on how organic molecules form in space.
Our present experience suggests that barbastelles can be easily overlooked if the observation is done with a heterodyne ultrasound detector, which was often used in previous studies.
To obtain data for approximation, the angular yaw and pitch fluctuations of the carriage were measured several times with a Zygo ZMI 2000 model heterodyne laser interferometer while the carriage was moving in different directions.
A component used for coherent signal demodulation for either heterodyne or intradyne detections.
Scientists used Herschel's Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared (HIFI) on June 22 to look for warm molecular gas heated by newborn massive stars in the DR21 star-forming region in Cygnus.
It carries three scientific instruments, a very high resolution heterodyne spectrometer, an imaging photometer / medium resolution grating spectrometer and an imaging photometer / imaging Fourier transform spectrometer, designed to take maximum advantage of the characteristics of the Herschel mission.
Bershtein developed a heterodyne method for frequency fluctuation measurement, enabling his disciples Yu.
Unnecessary examples followed, gunned out from the heterodyne r trap transhumanced into OTC peroxide argument, cf.
And not merely do they wish to preserve these things from the other worldly threat of the heterodyne (the series of monsters/natural phenomena that menace the peace) but, as becomes plain during the course of the series, the characters are putting forward such a liberal vision as a specific rejection of other, darker social visions.