heterocyclic compound

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a compound containing a heterocyclic ring

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Given the importance of this class of compounds in this study we investigate the catalytic effect of L-proline in synthesis of this class of heterocyclic compounds.
This eventually produces many important classes of flavour compounds including furans, pyrazines, pyrroles, oxazoles, thiophenes, thiazoles and other heterocyclic compounds (Figure 5; Melton, 1999).
The synthesized heterocyclic compounds were unambiguously established on the basis of their spectral analysis (26)(IR, [sup.
Ismail: The use of [alpha]-enone derivative in the preparation of some new heterocyclic compounds with expected biological and antitumor activities
Procedures are in sections on C-C bond formation, oxidation and reduction, heterocyclic compounds, and selected natural products.
The library contains unique nucleoside and heterocyclic compounds which when combined with our proprietary technology will result in new opportunities in the areas of antiviral and cancer therapy.
Oxygen, sulphur, or nitrogen may substitute for ring carbons to yield heterocyclic compounds.
Since the vast majority of natural products and drug-like compounds possess heterocyclic moieties, we will focus on preparing diverse heterocyclic compounds, especially based on the furan unit.
They then introduce experimental procedures for establishing the structure of metabolites using isotopes and physical methods, and detail the biochemical reactions involved in the biodegradation of major aliphatic, carbocyclic aromatic, and heterocyclic compounds.
Because synthetic crude oil converted from natural gas lacks the polycyclic and heterocyclic compounds found in conventional crude oils, it requires milder processing conditions than conventional crudes, in terms of pressure and hydrogen.
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (Studies in Organic Chemistry, 35).
Chapter 13 An Introduction to Alkaloids and Some Other Heterocyclic Compounds.
Over the next two years, Biogen will have access to a source of novel, diverse, heterocyclic compounds formatted as single-based arrays to facilitate the discovery of small-molecule compounds for its drug discovery programs.
Fused Pyrimidines: Volume 24 part 3 Heterocyclic Compounds, By D.
Subject: "lactones, neog, heterocyclic compounds only hetero-atom (s) of nitrogen with the structure noncondensable pirazynove ring, pyrimidine ring or ring piperazolne phenothiazine ring system not further condensation; hydantoin and ;, its derivatives sulphonamides "(narcotic, toxic, psychotropic substances and precursors)