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Synonyms for hesitator

one who hesitates (usually out of fear)

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The request in Example 5 starts with a hesitator ('I was thinking'), followed by a preparator ('Do you think') before the request for permission is used.
Nodders - who just go along with the group think but contribute very little by way of ideas, Hesitators - who are too timid to speak up in a timely fashion, and the uncommitted - who are unprepared for meetings and not showing proper commitment is frowned upon.
Furthermore, writing is more economical, in that hesitators such as 'mmm' or 'well,' etc.
downtoners were employed in less frequency, and consultative devices were not employed at all), with the exception of hesitators, which were employed with a mitigating effect on particular utterances.
Sifting literature through the grid of normative thought, such critics as Panichas choose to prudently "balance and weigh and measure," as Paul Elmer More wrote in one of his Shelburne Essays, for "they are by intellect hesitators, but at heart very much in earnest.