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with hesitation


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Somerfield, sullen and discontented, came and looked at them, moved away, and then hesitatingly returned.
I can introduce you to some decent fellows, of course, and to some very charming ladies," he said hesitatingly, "but as to the club--I--well, don't you think yourself that it would scarcely be wise to--"
Obaidullah, son of former Speaker of the National Assembly, Jabbar Khan, who had successfully piloted the 1956 Constitution Bill, was having tea with me in the Chittagong Club when former Speaker and many times Acting President Fazlul Quader Chowdhry and the Muslim League candidate hesitatingly walked up to us.
It makes me think of Prairie Home Companion, so I ask, hesitatingly, "Would you hate me if I said you can do for New England what Garrison Keillor did for Minnesota?
In 2016 when asked what she would like to change in her husband, Melania answered, somewhat hesitatingly, "(http://www.
When we realize that the men's and women's finalists are moving from the middle thirties (except Nadal) and the men's doubles celebrities, the Bryans, are almost forty, we may hesitatingly guess that the Australian Open is pointing towards the evening of the Golden Age.
Many of them hesitatingly raised their hands, but the very next moment, they declared not to use cosmetics or wear ornaments until they have toilets at home, leaving the official stunned.
Gil Gaudia has been a handball player for decades and hesitatingly entered his first national event in Portland, the 85-plus.
According to the T24 news portal, Zana also said "the Turkish nation" somewhat hesitatingly as she was sworn in in June.
When the three of us met for our first rehearsal at WQXR, I said to my two colleagues rather hesitatingly (2) something like:
In the process of decodifying representations of their existential situations and perceiving former perceptions, the learners gradually, hesitatingly, and timorously place in doubt the opinion they held of reality and replace it with a more and more critical knowledge.
This leads him to regard research on embryos, including excess embryos, as something in which one acquiesces only reluctantly and hesitatingly.
Instead, world trade hesitatingly fell into a new pattern of weak and in some months negative growth, averaging no more than the rate of growth of world production.
It is clear from other such statements of Clavius and those of his Jesuit colleagues at the Roman College at that time that they were retreating from the system of Tycho Brahe and hesitatingly approaching Copernicanism.
I tell him to sit back down again and relax, which he does only very hesitatingly.