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Synonyms for hesitating

lacking decisiveness of character


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Perhaps you're hesitating to tackle under-performance because when you tried before it went horribly (or even mildly) wrong and you don't want to repeat that experience.
Summary: The Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance, Hakim Ben Hammouda, on Monday painted a gloomy financial picture for the north African country, saying that domestic and foreign investors are still hesitating in doing business.
Hesitating Beauty, Lutz's spare, affecting book, foregrounds the viewer's role in this process.
Kayani were hesitating to remove the ISI Chief Nadeem Taj.
HESITATING to give vent to the anger and frustration of many Sefton Park regulars, regarding unleashed dogs attacking a lone cob and his six young, after witnessing the heroic efforts of one man (Sean) who didn't hesitate, I've succumbed.
Demanding more freebies: Libya's new ambassador to the UN says he thinks Iran and North Korea are hesitating to ditch their nuclear programs because they see that the Americans have done little for Libya since it dumped its nuclear program.
What teacher these days would rap the back of a six-year-old's hand with the edge of a ruler for hesitating during a reading test?