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with hesitation

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However, for respondents, male name change was so implausible that they off-handedly or hesitantly agreed it would be OK.
The problems were triggered by farcical scenes as the tape went back - with Esh Bran Girl hampering several other horses - and the starter, William Jardine, hesitantly and belatedly waving his yellow flag to indicate a false start.
The commission 's 14,000 page report criticised Austria's postwar governments for their obvious reluctance to indemnify Nazi victims, saying the republic acted ``often half-heartedly and hesitantly.
But this bullish scenario failed to reassure the stock market where a tentative recovery went into reverse in the early afternoon after Wall Street opened hesitantly.
I guess, maybe,'' he says hesitantly, ``if only because every character that I'm involved with is, to some extent, me.
As US-based global businesses move hesitantly toward expensing stock options and look to alternative instruments of employee compensation, the issue of offering attractive, consistent compensation plans within a multi-national company has become more complex.
SIR - It is interesting to note that again where Scotland leads, Wales hesitantly follows.
If Mayo cannot overcome their mental frailties I would hesitantly go for a Galway victory in Connacht -providing their injured players regain full fitness.
It wasn't until Jolie bent down and seemingly whispered to her man to make a move that he hesitantly rose to his feet.
He hesitantly accepts the offer, working with Claire's bookish housemate Hester (Winslet) to unravel the new encoding system.
He hesitantly accepts the offer, working with Claire's bookish housemate Hester (Kate Winslet) to unravel the new encoding system.
Fineman didn't receive any supportive e-mails, so he hesitantly posted the latest two from cameramen who worked with her in other TV markets, and the sentiment was pretty much the same.
A fair performer over hurdles, the eight-year-old made a winning debut over fences at Catterick last month, scoring by 10 lengths from Jackson Park, despite jumping hesitantly early on.
Meanwhile, new life was stirring elsewhere in our family, just as crocus shoots were hesitantly testing the gray mud of early spring.
Two years after the blast, I somewhat hesitantly returned to Kuta in 2004 for a 10-day holiday with a group of school mates.