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Synonyms for hesitance

a feeling of diffidence and indecision about doing something

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During this period, social solidarity must be found and terrorism against innocent citizens eliminated, but hesitance within the government hinders the overcoming of these obstacles.
Sources added that the police have shown hesitance in taking any action against Guru Nanak Multi- Speciality Hospital in Ghuman, where the surgeries were performed.
Encouraged to practice hard by her friends Skunk and Mole, Bella continues to work with her initial hesitance and clumsiness, further helped by Parrot to uncover her very own Dragonasaurus groove.
The pair went on a few more dates in New York City and Shields said: "I thought he was obviously aware of my hesitance regarding sex.
Despite Mr Al Mawali's hesitance to lay the blame for the fire at anyone's door, both the National Unity Assembly (NUA) and independent activist Salman Naser claim that the blaze was caused by a Molotov cocktail attack - designed to threaten Mr Al Mawali from contesting the polls in an opposition stronghold area.
Washington, Shawwal 24, 1435, Aug 20, 2014, SPA -- Minutes from the Federal Reserve's July policy meeting were released on Wednesday, indicating hesitance to increase rates despite how quickly the U.
The symptoms are higher urinary frequency, urgency, leaking, hesitance, interrupted and/or decreased urinary stream.
The hesitance of government to make the voting process more effective and reliable has already casted a shadow of doubt on its credibility.
We can end the age-old hesitance of landowners in paying taxes by updating assessed values of their landholdings," Mangudadatu told his assessors at a recent meeting in Buluan town.
The company's administration blamed its failure to pay the salaries on a foreign company's hesitance to compensate Tulpar for work performed, RFE/RL said.
My hesitance at embracing independence has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland's remarkable people or its achievements," she wrote.
My hesitance has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland's remarkable people or its achievements," she wrote.
So, any hesitance and delay to deal decisively with the regional crises will have its impact on increasing the sufferings of peoples and destructing some countries," he cautioned.
Researchers point to overtreatment as a reason for the growing resistance as well as hesitance within the pharmaceutical industry to develop new antibiotics for diseases.