herringbone pattern

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a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way


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In the absence of Al, the root system and the primary root exhibited the same altitude, revealing that in this condition, there was a marked development of the main axis, resulting in a herringbone pattern along this root.
The craters overlap and ejecta wrap around them, making a herringbone pattern whose V shape points back toward Copernicus.
The rare-earth magnets in the 10 silicon-iron laminate sections that are stacked to create the rotor core (400 magnets are used per motor) are manually positioned (as are the stacks, which are slightly offset for purposes of controlling what's called "torque ripple": Nitz explains that to minimize vibrations in the electric motor, the magnetic field has to be specifically tailored, so the stacks are built up such that they create a herringbone pattern on the OD and there are precise features stamped out of the laminates to control the flow of the magnetic field).
The music room, also known as the reception room, is richly ornamented with gilded details on the wall, a herringbone pattern on the floor and a French-cut crystal lighting fixture.
Fabrics are predominantly Shetland based wools in both plain weaves and herringbone pattern in a range of colours including mustard, raspberry and aqua.
Made from a 75/25 poly/wool blend in a modified herringbone pattern.
It is this controlled, step-wise release that produces a perfectly-ordered herringbone pattern.
The Savile towel collection is a solid-color set designed with a herringbone pattern on the trim.
An entrance porch leads into a reception hall with wood block floor laid out in a herringbone pattern.
The flooring is hardwood inset with travertine in a herringbone pattern.
The other leaf traits, the red fleck mark and red midrib, a herringbone pattern that runs down the centre of each leaflet in a bold red colour, were mapped to nearby locations, resolving a century-old question as to whether these leaf traits were controlled by one gene or two separate genes.
In the front, a paving-stone driveway replaced battered concrete in a herringbone pattern to mimic Pasadena's Greene & Greene Gamble House, and stone pillars with lights were added.
The long side walls are clad in feathery aspen shingles, set in a herringbone pattern, which gives the huge, blind flanks a mesmerising sense of animation and texture (shades of Peter Zumthor's celebrated chapel at Sogn Benedetg, AR January 1991).
Other ensembles in the Club collection include Unis, a herringbone pattern in tan and white; and Hegoa, an optical cube pattern in ink and sky blue.
Histologically, the lesion was characterized by solidly packed sheets of spindle cells arranged in fascicles that imparted the appearance of a herringbone pattern in some areas (figure 3).