herring gull

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large gull of the northern hemisphere

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Herring Gulls have amber protected status and we're not out to harm them in any way.
To date, Letcher's team has chemically screened and in some cases found more than 210 different new CECs as a result of screening herring gull eggs and maternal gull tissues.
Herring Gulls have lived on our coast for centuries, from a time when humans were rare.
Freshly laid herring gull eggs were collected from four nesting colonies at different locations on Great Slave Lake: 1) Yellowknife Bay in the North Arm; 2) Francois Bay in the East Arm; 3) Egg Island, near the Slave River Delta; and 4) Brabant Island, near the head of the Mackenzie River (Fig.
Structure of the New England Herring Gull population.
Such behaviour characterises the very soul of the herring gull, which is hallmarked by opportunism and an ability to be at home in a variety of environments.
The herring gull has been almost as successful as human at adapting to the urban environment, they see buildings as artificial cliffs and an ideal place to breed.
AN IMAGE of a herring gull braving the "power, chaos and intensity" of the sea has won the top prize at this year's British Wildlife Photography Awards, it was announced today.
Herring Gull went on to win the Irish Grand National that same year, and the trainer's other three winners of that F airyhouse Easter highlight were Vulpine (1967), Dim Wit (1972) and Luska (1981).
FOXES A recent population explosion has led to an estimated 33,000 urban foxes in Britain; BADGER Spotted sometimes; SPARROWHAWK Birdwatchers' favourite but can be vicious; HERRING GULL You know this winter visitor is around by its loud squawking; OTTERS Cleaner rivers and fewer pesticides mean there are now otters present in more than 100 towns and cities; ROE DEER An increasingly common sight; MAGPIE Rare 30 years ago, the magpie can be seen in most gardens; SQUIRREL; Grey variety are townies; PEREGRINE FALCON The soaring bird is a magnificent new sight for wildlife lovers in our towns
Poppy, a nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier was attacked by a herring gull in her owner's Devon garden and left to bleed to death with a fractured skull.
The herring gull Larus argentatus as a likely transmitting agent of Salmonella montevideo to sheep and cattle.
In 1997, we surveyed the number of glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus), herring gull (Larus argentatus), and arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) nests on the Belcher Islands (56 [degrees] 00'-57 [degrees] 30'N, 79 [degrees]30'-80 [degrees] 00'W).
Downy cover camouflages herring gull chicks at Captree Island.
And the problem for we humans is that herring gull parents are superprotective of their babies and will swoop to the attack if they see anyone approaching within a few feet of them.