herpes labialis

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caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)

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Other less commonly seen infections were herpes zoster, herpes labialis, warts, molluscum contagiosum, impetigo, DCPA (dermatitis cruris pustulosa et atrophicans), folliculitis decalvans, pityriasis versicolor, sporotrichosis and leprosy.
The clinical effectivenese of topical propolis in comparison with Acyclovir in patients with recurrent herpes labialis.
This extract, at a 3% concentration, is the active substance of a topical ointment used against herpes labialis (marketed under the trademark Herstat[R]).
This report provides comprehensive information on the therapeutic development for Herpes Labialis (Oral Herpes), complete with comparative analysis at various stages, therapeutics assessment by drug target, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type, along with latest updates, and featured news and press releases.
Prevalence of recurrent herpes labialis and aphthous ulcers among young adults on six continents.
The 50-mg buccal mucoadhesive tablet also reduced recurrence of herpes labialis by 9.
The fresh funds will be funnelled into the advancement of NanoBio's development programmes for herpes labialis, cystic fibrosis and nanoemulsion-based vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus and genital herpes, NanoBio noted.
Historically, herpes labialis and herpes genitalis have been associated with HSV-1 and HSV-2, respectively.
HSV infeksiyonlari; Herpetik gingivostomatit, Herpetik keratokonjonktivit, Herpes labialis, Genital herpes, Kutanoz herpes ve Egzema herpetikum, Herpetik dolama, Herpes gladiotorum, Immunkargasli hastada herpes seklinde siralanabilir (1,3,5).
The product is an antiviral used in the treatment of immunocompetent adult patients with herpes labialis or genital herpes and for HIV-infected patients for treatment of recurrent episodes of genital herpes.
Xerclear (acyclovir and hydrocortisone) is a cream for topical treatment of herpes labialis, branded Xerclear in Europe and Xerese in the USA.
The product, ME-609 (brand name not yet determined), is indicated for the early treatment of recurrent herpes labialis (cold sores) to reduce the likelihood of ulcerative cold sores and to shorten lesion healing time.
WASHINGTON -- A novel topical antiviral nanoemulsion reduced the time to healing of cold sores by more than 1 day in a phase IIB study of patients with recurrent herpes labialis.
Gingivostomatitis, or herpes labialis, is the clinical consequence of HSV-1 infections that is most commonly seen in children and young adults (Waggoner-Fountain & Grossman, 2004).