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a story of an adventure

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Watching the D-Day commemoration, I thought of the thousands selected to lose their lives and of those who survived to tell their heroic tale.
Nestling in the shadow of Vinegar Hill, beside the river Slaney, the centre tells the epic and heroic tale of the nearby1798 Rebellion and its aftermath.
Trek: An American Woman, Two Small Children, and Survival in World War II Germany" tells the heroic tale of Mary Hunt Jentsch who had to go through hell and high water to escape the Germans, the oncoming Russians, the allied bombings, all so much that made simple survival to the next day impossible.
Tillman's mother and father said in interviews that they believe the military and the government created a heroic tale about how their son died to foster a patriotic response across the country," White reported.
It is a heroic tale, and yes heartwarming but without sugary excess.
The standard Lassie myth is a heroic tale of a collie -- with hair a starlet aspires to -- exhibiting great bravery as she helps to rescue her human pal Timmy from a well or some other peril.
An heroic tale of total commitment to the French Resistance, An American Heroine In The French Resistance is very highly recommended reading as the articulate memoir of a strong woman who laid her life on the line in the defence of her country under German occupation, and an invaluable contribution to the growing library of World War II memoirs and autobiographies by a generation now passing from among us into history and legend.
Standard Mortgage Corporation's story is a heroic tale of triumph and persistence in the face of extreme adversity.
In this improbable, heroic tale of survival, we see Ada caring for the last man through his death struggle and doing what she had to do to keep herself alive.
Durham's novel is based on the heroic tale of Hannibal Barca, the brilliant North African military leader of third-century B.
Their neighbor regaled anyone who would listen with his heroic tale of how he landed the venerable bass of MacDonald Creek.
In spite of the interminable violence and some down-right scary scenes, children and the more faint of heart too can learn a great deal from this heroic tale.
This rendering of a cautionary and heroic tale is located by the film notes `at the dawn of the first millennium', although it could as easily have been early in the past century.
It doesn't have to be an heroic tale of how you built a new tech center; it can be a simple story of how you accomplished your goals with little money or little staffing.
In McCain's mind, his Vietnam story--shot down and taken prisoner, refusing an early release as an admiral's son, then breaking under torture and signing a confession declaring himself a "black criminal" and attempting suicide--is not a heroic tale.