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Synonyms for hermit

Synonyms for hermit

one retired from society for religious reasons


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one who lives in solitude

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All these units are hermitically tight with no sliding seals.
In 1936, production at Atmos began inside a hermitically sealed capsule with a mixture of gas and liguid expanding as the temperature rises and contracting as it falls, making the capsule move like a concertina.
Tenders are invited for Hermitically Sealed Compressor 2 Ton Capacity Suitable To Work On 240V,50 Hz Ac, Single Phase,Make Tecumseh Aw2000q , Emerson Cr30 , Kirloskar Aw5530 Confirming To Is:10617/2013.
0 Ton Capacity With Hermitically Sealed Compresor 5 Star Rated Make: Samsung To Model Ar12 Jc 5 Jamu.
Tenders are invited for Hermitically Sealed R-134A, Gas Compressor Operating Voltage 180-260V, Ac, 1 Phase Electrical Circuit Csir With Karp3141 Or Mtrp3141 Relay Tae 15/H3 Or Tm232tbyy-53, Olp, And Starting Capacitor -40/60 Mfd At 230V, Ac, Lra Co, Suitable For Lhb Pantry Car In Deep Freezer Make: Copeland Emerson , Model No.
Tenders are invited for Hermitically Sealed R-134 A Gas Compressor Operating Voltage 180-260 V Ac, 1 Phase Electrical Circuit-Cscr With Lt 85002 Relay, Kat0072/K3 Or T0072/K3.