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characterized by ascetic solitude

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Our forebears led more austere and less materialist lives and Brenda Niall's fresh approach to perhaps the most written-about man in Australian history (with the possible exception of that other Irishman, New Kelly) shows that, by any contemporary standard--and certainly for an aristocrat--the Archbishop's life in "Raheen", his mansion in Kew, was spartan and hermitic.
While excited about the book, Brosh, hermitic to begin with, says the isolation of writing it left her sympathetic to Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.
They then added a hermitic layer of security by invoking the Munroe Doctrine.
This, however, does not mean that we have to be necessarily hermitic to reconnect with the unconscious.
Ironically, the theatrical version of the story dramatizes the difficulty of hermitic renunciation.
Approximately 10 mg of 7 days cured film was taken in hermitic type pan and DSC runs were made at a heating rate of 10[degrees]C/m between 10 and 500[degrees]C under 50 mL/m nitrogen in a dynamic mode of operation.
There is in each of us, he maintains, a core that remains utterly hermitic, incommunicative, and incommunicable, and which is a less extreme version of the hidden self of the pathologically split personality.
The TV said Deir Samaan (Monastery of Simeon) is one of the oldest and grandest churches in the world where Saint Simeon led a hermitic life, vowing to spend his life worshipping the Lord.
A mother tries to save her son from 'the terrible things that happen in life' by taking him into the forest and living a hermitic existence.
This documentary will no doubt focus heavily on that momentous moment, along with Williams' long awaited nuptials and return to the public spotlight after an odd lengthy period of hermitic beard-growing and UFO spotting in the Nevada desert.
While he's certainly not the stereotypical child prodigy turned hermitic adult, Smith does have a bit of that gifted aura about him.
After his lover's death, Huang retreats to Peach Blossom Island and lives a hermitic life.
She is cloistered off from the world and the access of all men; and Julian of Norwich, as an anchoress, lived a particularly hermitic (and hermetic) life, as she was literally bricked into a small cell at the back of a church.
In his hermitic musical world, rain might be Fortier's only friend.