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characterized by ascetic solitude

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This documentary will no doubt focus heavily on that momentous moment, along with Williams' long awaited nuptials and return to the public spotlight after an odd lengthy period of hermitic beard-growing and UFO spotting in the Nevada desert.
While he's certainly not the stereotypical child prodigy turned hermitic adult, Smith does have a bit of that gifted aura about him.
She is cloistered off from the world and the access of all men; and Julian of Norwich, as an anchoress, lived a particularly hermitic (and hermetic) life, as she was literally bricked into a small cell at the back of a church.
In his hermitic musical world, rain might be Fortier's only friend.
In January 2009 right after the end of operation Cast Lead we were all faced again by the deadly hermitic siege.
My core hangouts include a cheesy Manhattan hotel bar and a hermitic lake house in a dimly gentrified county in upstate New York.
Several of the essays explore the uses of art by the Hermits to emphasize their rootedness in Augustine and the superiority of the hermitic tradition in general.
According to a report in Discovery News, the study determines that mammals which regularly hunker down, hibernate, or otherwise hide from the world, are better at weathering environmental change than are less hermitic species.