hermit thrush

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North American thrush noted for its complex and appealing song

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Minutes since daylight was positively related to mass in Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush, Wood Thrush, Blue-winged Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, and White-throated Sparrow, and estimated mass change ranged from 0.
1903-22 1965-87 Species (20) (23) Difference Killdeer 3-01 (20) 2-21 (21) -8 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 3-26 (20) 3-29 (21) +3 Eastern Phoebe 3-17 (18) 3-22 (22) +5 Ruby-crowned Kinglet 3-28 (20) 4-07 (22) +10 Eastern Bluebird 2-23 (17) 2-24 (22) +1 Hermit Thrush 3-31 (18) 4-08 (21) +8 Brown Thrasher 3-27 (19) 3-25 (22) -2 Eastern Towhee 3-11 (20) 3-14 (22) +3 Chipping Sparrow 3-23 (20) 4-04 (20) +12 Field Sparrow 3-22 (20) 3-17 (22) -5 Vesper Sparrow 3-28 (19) 4-03 (20) +6 Fox Sparrow 3-01 (20) 3-11 (21) +10 Swamp Sparrow 3-19 (20) 3-22 (20) +3 Red-winged Blackbird 3-06 (19) 2-20 (22) -14 Eastern Meadowlark 2-26 (20) 2-13 (17) -13 Rusty Blackbird 3-08 (19) 3-02 (16) -6 Brown-headed Cowbird 3-11 (19) 3-11 (21) +0 Table 2.
This group of birds includes the Hermit thrush, the Yellow-breasted Chat, the Blue-hooded Euphonia Euphonia elegantissima and the Ash-throated Flycatcher (Table 4).
In New York, Coker (1931) reported that he observed and adult eastern hermit thrush feeding small Allegheny and red-backed salamanders to its young.
The seven study species represented all species that nested on the ground or in shrubs in the understory on these sites: Virginia's Warbler (Vermivora virginiae), Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis), Red-faced Warbler (Cardellina rubifrons), Orange-crowned Warbler (Vermivora celata), Green-tailed Towhee (Pipilo chlorurus), MacGillivray's Warbler (Oporornis tolmei), and Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus).
The Reedbeds of Hackensack" contains the paradox of a "rancid asphodel" in a polluted river, and in "A Hermit Thrush," a couple uncertain of their relationship
I can distinguish a hermit thrush from a varied thrush by sight and by sound.
The first four sections constitute the first cycle, which voices the grief of the poet over the death of Lincoln and introduces the symbols of the lilac, with its blossoms and heartshaped leaves (love and rebirth), the western star (Lincoln, the beloved comrade), and the hermit thrush (the soul, the poet).
Meanwhile, the hermit thrush will pump its tail, and the tiny, winter wren with its comical, short, cocked tail, will sing an explosion of densely packed, musical notes.
The program will include Beach's "Le Secret," "A Hermit Thrush at Eve," "Ah, Love, but a Day," "Rendezvous" and "Wind of the Westland," which Jette calls her "favorite melancholy number.
About 40 different species of birds were spotted during the count at the park and garden, ranging from hawks that roam for miles to one particular hermit thrush that Swanson says has lived in the same bush for years.
Considered among the entire group of host species, our best estimate of the rate for Hermit Thrush was 40%, while considered among the resident/short-distance migrants our best estimate of the rate was 30%.
The last places to regenerate are the steep rock outcrops and places of heavy slash accumulation," Paul reminds me as he notes the song of a hermit thrush.
Adams said he expects to see more songbirds that live close to the ground, including the rufous-sided towhee, white-throated sparrow, dark-eyed junco, ovenbird and hermit thrush.
This delightful scene, coupled with the daily visits of a shy hermit thrush, inspired me to be more vigilant and inventive during the remaining weeks of cold weather to ensure that my birdbaths were kept free of ice.