hermit crab

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small soft-bodied marine crustaceans living in cast-off shells of gastropods

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CREATURE FEATURES Frog, sengi, peacock spider and hermit crab
Ecological distribution and reproductive period of the hermit crab Loxopagurus loxochelis (Anomura, Diogenidae) on the northern coast of Sao Paulo State, Brazil.
Hermit crabs are related to the more familiar crabs of hard shell and sideways walking fame but lack the shell that protects the vulnerable abdomen.
Hermit crabs are a primary macrobenthos species and several hermit crab species are distributed in this estuary, but only Pagurus minutus is distributed widely from the upper reach to the mouth of the estuary (see Results) throughout the year (T.
Boyle writes about a family's botched environmental protest, and up-and-comer Nathaniel Rich evokes a biologist's conversation with an ailing hermit crab.
Another creative toy company, Cepia LLC, had a big hit with its ZhuZhu Pets in 2009 and is introducing another innovative offering for the 2011 holidays: Xia-Xia (pronounced "sha-sha"), a line of colorful hermit crab toys.
Since launching in 2009 the carrier has flown over 7,000 dogs and cats with other passengers including birds, rats and a hermit crab.
The anemone hermit crab has a mutually beneficial relationship with the small sea plants called anemones.
Jim Toomey's DISCOVER YOUR INNER HERMIT CRAB (0740791109, $12.
D'Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne, 2006 ($14.
To protect the soft parts of its body, the hermit crab will kill and eat a sea snail then live in its shell.
The average life span of a hermit crab is 75 years.
However, the shell may limit the hermit crab growth (Markham, 1968; Vance, 1972a), influence the fecundity and the spawn size and restrict reproduction and population growth (Provenzano, 1960; Bollay, 1964; Vance, 1972a; Fotheringham, 1976a; 1976b; Scully, 1983; Lancaster, 1988; Mantelatto et al.
Yes, the dude's name is epic but we urge you to recite it like scripture, make flash cards, name your pet hermit crab after him.