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Synonyms for hermit

Synonyms for hermit

one retired from society for religious reasons


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one who lives in solitude

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Though both spent many years of devotion residing in communal monasteries with other Carmelite nuns, it was their desire to live more fully the spirituality of the monks of Mount Carmel that led them into the wilderness, to seek "the original charism," that of the first Carmelite hermits.
The hermit is generally in a sitting posture, with a table before him, on which is a skull, the emblem of mortality, an hourglass, a book and a pair of spectacles.
Celebrate the contributions of others who indulged their need to hermit.
Thirty years later, at the age of forty-seven, she surprised again -- this time by leaving the monastery and moving to a ramshackle cabin in the woods of Colt Run Holler, West Virginia, to live in solitude as a modern-day hermit.
All hermit crabs appropriate abandoned snail shells for their homes, but the dozen or so species of land-based hermit crabs -- popular terrarium pets -- are the only ones that hollow out and remodel their shells, sometimes doubling the internal volume.
Hermits are probably the category of medieval religious men and women with whom we moderns can, at least on the surface, most readily associate.
The Insurance Accounting Collection System (IACS), which in use presently, will be terminated as a result of HERMIT going into effect.
Three Days in the Hermit Kingdom: An American Visits North Korea is a key acquisition for any collection interested in insights on the elusive North Korea, and offers a rare, regime-sanctioned excursion by a North American who visited the country for three days.
It was a thrilling contest, with Happy Hermit flying away from four and leading up narrowly from Rockview Head while favourite Droopys Twirl broke slower than previously and was only third to the corner.
From 1847 to 1861, Hermit Island in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin was home to a mysterious man who lived alone, tending a garden, making barrels to sell to passing fishermen, keeping mostly to himself.
A source said: "Everyone calls him The Hermit, because he could mix but has chosen not to.
His topics include the hermit novelist, Hazel Motes and the desert tradition, sporting with demons, entering a strange country, the prophet and the word in the desert, Acedia and Penthosm vision and vice, and the power of exile.
A total of 97 hermit ibis, taken under protection in Birecik town of southeastern Sanliurfa province, were set free for reproduction in nature by the end of February, Turan Cetin from the Nature Association told AA on Tuesday.
10 Little Hermit Crabs Allen & Unwin, 2009 unpaged A$19.