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Synonyms for hermaphroditism

congenital condition in which external genitalia and internal sex organs have both male and female characteristics

showing characteristics of both sexes

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Drawing on the history of the hermaphrodite in Western art, the novel introduces Jan's hermaphroditism in a reference to the myth of Hermaphroditus, articulated through Kletkin's point of view:
Criteria for the diagnosis of hermaphroditism in fishes.
They are generally detected when the individual presents two normally incompatible phenotypes, such as having a mixture of two blood types, or evidence of hermaphroditism.
The story is so overpublicized at the moment that I won't go into detail, but in short: In 1955, as the culmination of his intensive research into discovering an orgasmic, youth-inducing "secret" within hermaphroditism, Bess, with the crude anesthesia of getting "good and drunk," cut an elaborate hole into the base of his penis.
Hermaphroditism among North American freshwater mussels.
Table 1 Component 5-alpha Reifensteine Reductage syndrome deficiency Karyotype 46XY 46XY Spermatogenesis Decreased Absent Mulerrian Absent Absent Wolffian Male Male External Female Male genitalia hypospadius Breast Male Gynaecomastia Component Pseudo- Our case hermaphroditism Karyotype 46XX / 46XY 46XX/46XY Spermatogenesis Present Absent Mulerrian Present Absent Wolffian Male Male Male External Both sexual perineal type genitalia characters hypospadius Breast Female Male
2) Ovidian hermaphroditism, the shifts in identity resulting from natural impulses rather than moral consequences, figures prominently in the revised version of Sanctuary.
She explained that there are several genetic or hormonal disorders (Testicular feminisation syndrome, hermaphroditism, Klinefelter syndrome, 5-Alpha-reductase deficiency) that would lead to uncertainty about a person's gender.
Tyrone Hayes, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, notes that all of the studies that failed to conclude that atrazine caused hermaphroditism were plagued by poor experimental controls and were funded by Syngenta, one of the companies that produce the chemical (Jooste et al.
Male frogs exposed to minute doses of the herbicide can develop female sex characteristics, including hermaphroditism and the presence of eggs in the testes.
My brain fogged up at the sight of a paper littered with questions like what are new alleles and explain hermaphroditism.
Kiernan used the term "heterosexual" in a very different way than we do today, according to Katz, to refer to people who displayed tendencies toward "psychical hermaphroditism," or "inclinations to both sexes," and resorted to "abnormal methods of gratification.
DSD includes hermaphroditism, individuals with atypical chromosomes, and those who have undergone sex assignment surgery as an infant.
In frogs, atrazine exposure causes hermaphroditism and limb deformities.