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of or relating to monoclinous plants

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of animal or plant

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Effects of isolation and body size on the mating behaviour of the hermaphroditic land snail Succinea putris.
brasiliensis adds a species to the list of fish in which the TG is present and reopens the discussion about the possibility of hermaphroditic sexual pattern among Grammatid fishes.
nomads from Buleji and Keamari area and histologically individuals were found to be hermaphroditic pure male pure female and indifferent at two sites throughout the year with increasing activity in the winter months followed by immediate ripening and later spawning and resorption around the year.
The right hermaphroditic solution incorporates two points of contact per conductor, for mechanical reliability, especially in applications where shock and vibration are the norm.
Only pages earlier, d'Hauteville had described how hermaphrodites were once hurled off cliffs to drown, so Camille's sudden desire to perish in the waves can be seen as a confession of his/her hermaphroditic nature.
Transgender texts are discursive places where gender is constantly renamed and problematized by means of naming practices that can be classified as follows: a) the same name is maintained for both male and female referents; b) names are changed from masculine to feminine and vice versa; c) gendered names are avoided in favour of genderless or hermaphroditic ones; d) names are avoided tout court.
olfactory chemosensors of crustaceans) number in 4 protandric simultaneous hermaphroditic shrimp species in the genus Lysmata with 2 social systems pair living (Lysmata amboinensis and Lysmata pederseni) and group living (Lysmata boggessi and Lysmata wurdemanni)--from male phase to euhermaphrodite phase were examined.
Eventually, under the influence of alcohol, he made an incision in his own scrotum in the belief that he could turn himself into his hermaphroditic ideal.
is in a peculiar hermaphroditic interconnection between the male and female principles in which the female structure predominates.
fairy queen and then the hermaphroditic tyrannosaurus flex, state and
5mm-pitch mezzanine connector, a hermaphroditic "mates-to-self" design that uses the same part number for both mated sides.
The new species is separated from the previously described species as it has relatively small tail or ecsoma, ventral sucker at least 3 times larger than the oral sucker, testes close to ventral sucker, seminal vesicle pre-testicular, long, broader posteriorly reaching to posterior border of ventral sucker, pars prostatica small, hermaphroditic duct enclosed in a small, muscular pouch, genital opening at the base of pharynx immediately behind the intestinal bifurcate.
These principles were then expressed as an aspiration to return to the original hermaphroditic state of Adam prior to the creation of Eve or as an aspiration to angelic androgyny.
Horace's vomiting signals his empathy, not sympathy, for her, a feeling that truly requires a hermaphroditic imagination.
Using Hermaphrodites as a categorical classification in conjunction with literal hermaphroditic art, trivializes work that does not fit under the rubric of a literal reading of hermaphrodites.