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a statue consisting of a squared stone pillar with a carved head (usually a bearded Hermes) on top

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He wondered, with some distaste, what going native with Herm and his newest, youngest wife might involve.
I got the chance to visit Herm, stretching my sea legs on the 20-minute ferry trip it takes to reach the island.
The pagina lasciva vita proba argument is restated here, albeit more allusively than in Herm.
Herm is favorably impressed with their eagerness and the thoughtful consideration behind their proposal.
Mike, Herm, and I trust that this upcoming workshop will give hundreds of NPE '94 attendees an opportunity to learn how to effectively use on- and off-line systems in the interest of making all of us more competitive by delivering expert information through expert systems and resource data, on-line and off-line.
In addition to his abilities behind the wheel, Herm is a very creative thinker.
During recent hunting seasons, however, Herm often pounds the snooze button to silence the alarm's annoying chiming.
Thanks from my end to Herm, Shecks, Cole, and Ernie T.
Landing at Herm, you find this spacious hotel has inviting open fires and spectacular views overlooking the harbour.
RESULTS ( U12s: Hermitage 21 Park View 0, Park V 10 Roseberry 0, Roseberry 0 Herm 19, Herm 21 Park View 0, Park V 33 Roseberry 0, Roseberry 0 Herm 7.
When it comes to weather records, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark do very nicely, thank you.
In spring and early summer Herm is covered with wild flowers.
There can't be many better ways to work up an appetite than hiking round Herm, the tiny Channel Island that sits 80 miles off the English coast.