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a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another

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It occurred as a doubt to some of the Lords, whether this action was competent to one single heritor of the parish.
Clifford's architectural restoration projects also serve as memorials and proclaim her fulfillment of her role as a proper heritor of the Clifford estates.
Equally important, this new legislative state of affairs brought the Gwich'in nation, heritors of a powerful place-based storytelling culture, (9) to the forefront of public national and international struggles over the Arctic Refuge.
xxiv Considerations on the importation of foreign corn; arising out of the proceedings, at a meeting of the Heritors of Fifeshire, proposing to petition the Legislature for further restriction, as published in the Courier newspaper of the 10th Dec.
Secondly, landowners, also known as heritors or lairds, effectively funded the local parish church, and appointed and looked after the welfare of ministers.
Against this image suggesting treachery and irrelevance, Nabokov redefines the emigre world as that of writers and poets, the heritors of the prerevolutionary Russian culture.
The earth is the heritage of man, and these are a portion of the heritors.
4) The word << heritage >> itself, which renders the idea of the sound management of a resource to be transmitted to the heritors, was preferred to the word << property >>, as the latter could have recalled the jus utendi et abutendi (right to use and misuse) that private Roman law gave to the owner (see the << Introduction >> by Mann Borgese to Pardo, Op.
56) This was the line argued by the heritors of three parishes in Wigtonshire in the case of James Fisher, a miner and limekiln operator who also described himself as a former mariner (he is discussed further below).
A document from August 1684 records fines totalling 274,737 [pounds sterling] Scots (nearly 23,000 [pounds sterling] sterling) levied on the heritors of Roxburghshire alone.