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capable of being inherited


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Cheshire West and Cheshire Council (CWAC) is also expected to continue to receive funds invested by its county council predecessor in Heritable, the UK subsidiary of Landsbanki.
The researchers observed that 37% of liability to cognitive dysfunction could be explained by heritable influences, while nonfamilial environmental influences accounted for 63% of individual variation.
This raises questions about the relevance of the numerous laboratory studies undertaken on heritable variation to field conditions.
WASHINGTON -- In a historic vote on September 17, 2010, the Secretary's Advisory Committee for Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children (SACHDNC) unanimously agreed to recommend the addition of screening for Critical Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease to the core panel for universal screening of all newborns in the United States.
Cattle that are seen to be physically normal may be retained in the herd and transmit the heritable condition.
The findings showed that in English, maths and science, genes were responsible for on average 58 percent of the differences in children's scores, whereas grades in physics, biology and chemistry were more heritable than those in humanities subjects at 58 percent and 42 percent respectively.
Country: USA, Sector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Manroy USA LLCBuyer: Manroy PlcVendor: Caledonian Heritable LimitedType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & Stock, Rights issueStatus: Closed
The Heritable Bank has set out a minimum level of repayment, but council finance chiefs in Wirral have always defended the investments, and said they are "optimistic" they will get the full amount.
The authority invested pounds 4m with the Heritable Bank and pounds 2m with Kaupthing Singer Friendlander.
Methylation is heritable, too As a cell divides, its DNA is precisely copied, a process that underlies inheritance.
Caerphilly council invested the money in Landsbanki and its British subsidiary Heritable last November, just weeks before the bank crashed.
His comments come after Northumberland County Council invested pounds 23m with collapsed institutions Glitner Bank, Landesbanki, Kaupthing, Singer and Friendlander (KSF), and Heritable Bank.
Epigenetics refers to those heritable changes in gene expression that are not due to any alteration in DNA sequence and, even though the term was first introduced in 1939, it has only become a field of focused activity in recent years.
Eight Scottish councils and a fire board invested pounds 45 million in banks, including Landsbanki, Heritable and Glitnir.
The mutual had pounds 10m deposited with Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander, the UK arm of Iceland's biggest bank Kaupthing, and Heritable Bank, which is part of Landsbanki.