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capable of being inherited


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Our business proposition is that identifiable patterns of microsatellites -- short tandem repeat sequences - in the genome may represent the most effective diagnostics for cancers and other diseases with heritable components and a source of new drug targets.
For all 20,000 individual genes, they determined whether those genes were heritable - controlled by the DNA "dimmer switch" - or largely affected by environment.
In 2008 Wirral Council admitted it had a PS2m bond with the failed Icelandic-owned Heritable Bank and was trying to recover the cash.
The Treasury transferred the majority of Heritable and Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander's deposits to ING Direct, but savings that were not part of the deal were paid out through the FSCS and government.
Interestingly, the heritability estimate of more than 40 percent is remarkably similar to the heritability of disordered eating and eating disorders and suggests that thin-ideal internalization is just as heritable as the outcomes it predicts," the authors wrote.
On Teesside, Redcar and Cleveland Council is continuing its attempts to recover pounds 4m from the Heritable Bank and another pounds 2m from Kaupthing Singer Friendlander.
5m in Heritable Bank, a UK subsidiary of troubled Icelandic firm Landsbanki.
We do not support state-by-state legislative action to add disorders that have not been recommended by the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children and endorsed by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.
Caerphilly had pounds 15m invested - pounds 5m in Landsbanki and pounds 10m in its subsidiary Heritable.
Part of the Western Heritable Group, the 106-room hotel was designed by Liverpool architect Austin-Smith:Lord and French interior decorator Clarissa Nadler.
Being able to offer genetic counseling and testing before conception gives couples more time and options if they are at risk for heritable disease, according to the ACOG policy For example, couples may choose not to conceive, use a gamete donor, or obtain preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
Are there any examples of heritable acquired characters?
The Good Start Genetics pre-pregnancy diagnostic test is based on advanced DNA sequencing technology and is designed to allow physicians to better identify carriers of heritable genetic disorders, enabling them to help prospective parents make more knowledgeable medical decisions.
a privately-held company leading the development of precision therapies for genetic heart disease, announced today a worldwide collaboration to discover and develop first-of-its-kind targeted therapeutics for heritable heart diseases known as cardiomyopathies, the most common forms of heart muscle disease.