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Synonyms for herewith

(formal) by means of this


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1 pound, 17s, 9d, amount of overplus, as shown in receipted account herewith.
No, never, upon my word," said the head under the neckcloth, shaking very much--"that is, yes--what abominably cold weather, Miss"--and herewith he fell to poking the fire with all his might, although it was in the middle of June.
Therefore she hath sent me with this greeting, and furthermore sends thee, as a sign of great good will, this golden ring from off her own fair thumb, which I give herewith into thy hands.
Therefore, in the case of the People Versus Carter Watson the benefit of the doubt is given to said Carter Watson and he is herewith ordered discharged from custody.
Since the awards are theoretically about honoring excellence, not goosing the box office, herewith is a partial, naturally subjective list of celebrated work from this season that the committee might want to consider when it meets May 11:
I herewith suggest an idea that might stop the night bombing.
1%-owned consolidated subsidiary, are not under review and are herewith confirmed with a stable outlook, it said.
And herewith my promise that all of you will be on page one of my heavenly list of friends and benefactors.
This means the minimum and maximum dosing tolerances of standard units are herewith significantly expanded.
Herewith, a time line of some of the most memorable characters from the past 21 years--including several not played by Antonio Banderas.
Along with Form 872, the representative attached a letter that stated: "I am returning herewith the two copies of form 872, signed by me alone as Mr.
Herewith the precisely contorting and clean-lined ballerina lives as a cross between the enigmatic "Unanswered Question' from Balanchine's Ivesiana and a refugee from Paul Taylor's Counterswarm.
With those caveats in mind, herewith, three members of the milieu Ms.
Herewith 17 theme gardens for tending by the hungry horticulturist.
As you know, it is not possible for me to appear at the hearings, but I submit herewith my views, as well as the answers to three questions to me in your letter of September 20.