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Synonyms for heretical

Synonyms for heretical

characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards

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For example, of the three essays in the first category, only Janel Mueller's, "Milton on Heresy," is directly on the subject of heretical theology, and this essay might better have been added to two theological essays in the second section--John Rumrich's "Milton's Arianism" and Stephen Fallon's "`Elect Above the Rest'" (which deals with Arminianism).
The Archbishop also launched a scathing attack on the morals of the church in Scotland, calling the country "one of the most heretical provinces".
The religious community of Israel was divided over theological implications of the modern state: the ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) viewed as heretical the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah (although this did not preclude their acceptance of state funds for their institutions); the modern Orthodox interpreted the founding of the state of Israel as a stage in God's promised redemption of the Jews from exile.
Some are quick to label as heretical any religious view at variance with their own.
Sedevacantism, a theory espoused by Francis Schuckardt and some SSPV members, is the belief that makeshift ordination methods are now justified because the Vatican is occupied by heretical impostors who have tampered with the unchanging truths of Christianity - in other words, that the seat once occupied by Saint Peter, the first Pope, is now empty.
He suspected that the variability could be traced to differences in the film of wax that coats a leaf's surface--an idea that was heretical, he claims, because the prevailing wisdom held that a plant's wax content was fixed, immune to environmental modification.
Frick makes particularly interesting comparisons between the religious formulations of Smotryc'kyj and those of the heretical Dalmatian churchman, Marcantonio de Dominis.
Swanson, respectively, lay out the historiographical parameters and dominant themes of debate about the relationship between heretical communities and textual practices.
As for the ideology of the International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem, and their Christian Zionism, he describes them as "a heretical cult that contradicts the doctrines and ethics of historic Christianity.
Such a challenge to the company's long-held beliefs and tradition was viewed by many as heretical.
This work surveys both, in text and color photographs, focusing on "the restless, heretical edge of the Anglo American experience.
The existence of a "Gospel of Judas" has long been known; indeed Irenaeus, when Bishop of Lyon, France denounced it as heretical in the year 180 AD.
Cracking The Symbol Cone: Revealing The Secret Heretical Messages Within The Church An Renaissance Art by British author, lecturer, and historian Tim Wallace-Murphy is among the most informative explanations to the mysteries left behind of the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, and the metaphorical art of the medieval Christian era.
In Bertold Brecht's Galileo Pope Urban VIII threatens the Florentine mathematician with torture unless he recants his support for Copernicus' heretical theories.
Miner, who ignores that according to recent scholarship the Scienza nuova was considered heretical by the Holy Office and escaped condemnation only because Vico was judged a dimwit, bases his conclusions on literal interpretations of Vichian texts without taking into account the ecclesiastic censorship that stunted Italian culture and obliged writers to hide their real thoughts (see Church, Censorship and Culture in Early Modern Italy, ed.