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Antonyms for hereness

the state of being here in this place

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each moment of its hereness, smell the coffee, gather rosebuds while we
Through the experiments we explore questions of time and directionality, center and periphery, self and other, hereness and thereness.
For as sight in nature, vision in poetry satisfies some primal need for validation, assurance, certification, the sense of thereness and hereness.
I wondered if this was how Jesus had appeared to his disciples after rising from the dead; if they, like me, felt the emanation of his presence, his thereness like the hereness of clouds and distant mountains.
How does one get under the skin, away from Presence which is an absolute Absence, the literal hereness which invades at every point and whose energy insists that the Conversation turn on a litany of trades, incidents, details, opinions, from which the energies of individuated thought have been stripped.