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(formal) by means of this


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That the Corresponding Society of the Pickwick Club is therefore hereby constituted; and that Samuel Pickwick, Esq.
That the members of the aforesaid Corresponding Society be, and are hereby informed, that their proposal to pay the postage of their letters, and the carriage of their parcels, has been deliberated upon by this Association: that this Association considers such proposal worthy of the great minds from which it emanated, and that it hereby signifies its perfect acquiescence therein.
Master Little John is hereby created Sheriff of Nottingham, and you will turn over the keys to him forthwith.
Yes, but I make hereby a vow in your presence, to employ all that remains to me in pious works.
He gave me the only useful teaching I ever had; and if this should meet the eye of Gentleman Jones I hereby thank him for beginning and ending my education in two evenings, without costing me or my family a single farthing.
I hereby give every blessed farthing I have got in the world to my dear Blanche.
For, if we deem it otherwise, do we not hereby say that the Heavenly Father, the creator of all flesh, hath lightly recognised a deed of sin, and made of no account the distinction between unhallowed lust and holy love?
In the Matter of COMPANIES ACT 2014 and In the Matter of Alyson Gray Fashions Limited NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 587 (6) of the Companies Act, 2014 that a Meeting of Creditors of the above Company will be held at the offices of Outlook Accountants, 4a Broomhill Business Complex, Broomhill Road, Tallaght, D24HR52 on the 28th day of February 2018 at 10am for the purposes mentioned in Sections 586, 587, 588 and 646 of the said Act.
The accused person is hereby found guilty as charged and he is convicted thereof.
Upon the effectivity of this Act, all farmers with landholdings of eight (8) hectares and below are hereby exempted from paying irrigation service fees (ISF) for water derived from national irrigation systems (NIS) and communal irrigation systems (CIS),' the law stated.
The Director General (Consumer Affairs) hereby issues this Public Statement in accordance with Article 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap.
The candidates selected in Quota Oriented disciplines are hereby directed to must bring their original Domicile Certificate for showing to concerned staff at the time of obtaining of Admission fee challan.
The court has unanimously determined that the petitions are not merited and the final orders are that the petition by Mwau versus the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and two others as consolidated is hereby dismissed,' said the judges.
As the matter pertains to contempt proceedings under Section 103 of the Ropa, 1976 read with Article 204 of the Constitution, a notice is hereby given to you so that you may appear and conduct the proceedings before the commission," according to a letter issued to the advocate general by the commission.
Re: ANDREAS MICHAEL (Deceased) Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 that any person having a claim against or an interest in the estate of ANDREAS MICHAEL deceased late of Thornton House, St.