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Synonyms for hereabout

in this general vicinity


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But she's a-visitin' hereabout at Mester Poyser's at the Hall Farm--it's them barns an' big walnut-trees, right away to the left, sir.
Aye, sir, that's Adam Bede, that is, I'll be bound--Thias Bede's son everybody knows him hereabout.
But moce of the people who lived hereabouts was too tender stummicked for rats.
No," replied Tarzan; "the game hereabout is timid, nor do I care particularly about hunting game birds or antelope.
and if the rebuilder fooleth round hereabout, behold I will depress
But there is a passion for tall flagstaffs hereabout, and you may see its twin brother in five minutes, if you have a mind.
Why, Pivart's a new name hereabout, brother, isn't it?
That cremation was practised in the Bronze Age is evidenced for instance by cremated human bones in two cists hereabout at Sondlamagi, Muuksi.
Clara wrote that she possessed "better business ability than nine tenths of the men in this section, but just give me the ghost of a chance and I will prove to you and the department and outrival any man hereabout .
At about eight o'clock, it began to fall heavily and as we crossed the wild heath hereabout, there was no vestige of a track.
This is barely tolerable among the whites, but when I find the blacks hereabout behaving in the same manner I cannot abide it, and see no reason why I should accommodate myself to the lack of decorum which characterizes this local practice.