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With herculean labour, under the burning sun, they conquered the sea.
But the minister was a man of courage, a man, moreover, of Herculean strength.
Every one in this office knew his intellect was herculean.
What was the meaning of this so steady and self-respecting, this small Herculean labor, I knew not.
Tarzan made a single Herculean effort to throw himself forward, but it was too late.
It occurred to me very forcibly at that moment that to harbour Miss Howard and Alfred Inglethorp under the same roof, and keep the peace between them, was likely to prove a Herculean task, and I did not envy John.
It was an anchorite's bony head fitted with a Capuchin's beard and adjusted to a herculean body.
Three others, however, were quarrelling barbarously away forward; and one big fellow, half naked, with herculean shoulders, was hanging limply over a winch; another, sitting on the deck, his knees up and his head drooping sideways in a girlish attitude, was plaiting his pigtail with infinite languor depicted in his whole person and in the very movement of his fingers.
He stood long hovering above the recumbent and Herculean form of the emigrant, keenly debating in his own mind the chances of his enterprise, and the most effectual means of reaping its richest harvest.
Mr Jukes said: "It would take a herculean task to finish Trident work on one day and start up other equivalent civilian work the next day.
With 250 pages of guidance from The Pensions Regulator, West Midlandsbased businesses are facing a Herculean challenge.
Herculean The Falling Thunder EP STANDING nicely between Kasabian and 90s band Hurricane #1, the Glaswegian trio make big, arms-aloft, epic rock.
And Detective Inspector Colin Jones said later: "We have heard of the Herculean efforts of a father to protect and save his children in the most challenging and overwhelming of situations.
It was a herculean effort by the whole team," veteran team manager Gareth Williams told Junior XSport.
The report states: "The peer team was impressed with the progress that has been made on safeguarding of adults since the previous inspection, considering it to be a Herculean effort by staff resulting in significant improvement in the service.