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a collection of dried plants that are mounted and systematically classified for study

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The main objective of the present paper is to revise this previous neotypification based on new data we gathered recently from European herbaria.
15) Beyond that, any additional, unmounted duplicates made were sent to larger herbaria including The New York Botanical Garden herbarium (NY), the Missouri Botanical Garden herbarium (MO), the herbarium of the Field Museum (F), or others.
Using the Consortium of California Herbaria records, we determined the rate of stinkwort's spread since the first discovery in Santa Clara County.
I like to think that I've visited enough herbaria now to be able to get a sense of a particular institution's vitality.
Murud and its vicinity in the north, and the Pa Menalio and Tama Abu Range in the southeast, resulting in a collection of about 1,873 botanical specimens currently preserved at SAR and a few other herbaria.
Voucher specimens from eight herbaria (MU, OS, CLM, BHO, KE, BGSU, JHWU, CINC) in Ohio were examined to determine what proportion of sites that historically supported goldenseal populations still supports them today.
In addition, the Society has also received funding to produce Conservation and Research Plans for the 100 rarest plants of the region, and has also initiated herbarium research in over 25 major and minor herbaria to help quantify the status of regionally rare (or potentially rare) plants in New England.
These data were compared to known ranges as well as searches of the literature and local herbaria.
org/ ) for more information about the specimens and the names of herbaria to which BRIT is sending duplicates of the specimens.
Australia, 300 Years of Botanical Illustration, by Helen Hewson, tells the story of the European discovery and exploration of Australia, the collection and classification of plants for science, and the establishment of botanic gardens, herbaria and publications.
He doesn't envision that even herbaria, the bastions of botanical nomenclature, will suffer huge shocks.
Marie-Madeleine Fontaine has carefully glossed the rare extant copies and enriched the text with over 1,000 pages of commentary drawn from original sources in Aneau's Lyons, and in sources that pertain to alchemy, herbaria, anatomies, political tracts, and cosmographies.
The Schofield specimen remained unknown to Oregon botanists until 2011, when UBC's digital herbarium records were posted on the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria website at the University of Washington (http://www.
Contract notice: Energy equipment and work in the territory of the community of municipalities of the canton of mortagne-sur-sevre and the community of communes country herbaria
Catesby also sent specimens to William Sherard and Charles DuBois, both of whose herbaria are now housed at OXF, and to John James Dillenius, Dutch botanist who was brought to Oxford as professor of Botany by Sherard (Allen, 1937).