herbal tea

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tea-like drink made of leaves of various herbs

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Researchers found that bitter leaf processed into herbal tea reduced blood glucose level of diabetic rats.
s) food: - lot 1 - natural fruit or herbal tea, - lot 2 - sheets, - lot 3 - plates, - lot 4 - garlic, - lot 5 - verdeata, - lot 6 - bananas, - lot 7 - orange, - lot 8 - mandarine, - lot 9 - lamai, - lot 10 - cinnamon, - lot 11 - carbonated mineral water.
Customize and enjoy: Hopefully, you will find your perfectly brewed cup of herbal tea needs no embellishment because the expertly blended herbs and flowers will provide all the flavour you need.
Herbal tea includes ingredients that are generally healthy and nutrient rich, and is considered to have several medicinal advantages.
Tulsi Spiced Berry Immune Support is an herbal tea with tulsi leaf and elderberry to support the immune system.
TEAONIC's Herbal Tea for Skin is a refreshing tonic that assists in flushing out toxins and impurities to promote health skin from a cellular level.
They include Bethesda-based Blodyn, launched just a few weeks ago, which offers handmade herbal teas.
For a thousand years, herbal tea has been used for health care and diseases prevention in many countries [1].
Formulated with botanicals that have been proven over thousands of years, this innovative herbal tea is the leading market alternative to sleeping pills.
While choosing a herbal tea, it is very important to look out for a reputed brand so that the ingredients used are of a very high quality as some herbal teas could result in unhealthy weight loss due to the presence of laxatives.
It can be taken as a herbal tea - in fact teas are a good first port of call.
A cup of hot herbal tea goes a long way in taking the chill off cold days and long nights.
To be able to maximise the benefits, Hala recommends drinking herbal tea at least once a day for three months.
A CARE home in Binley held an herbal tea party to mark International Older People's Day.
London, Aug 22 ( ANI ): A cup of traditional herbal tea may hold the key to fighting breast cancer, scientists have claimed.