herbaceous plant

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a plant lacking a permanent woody stem


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Occurrences of species of seeds in the soil should be correlated with occurrences of conspecific adult plants, since adult herbaceous plants often are sparse even after fires, and many seeds have no obvious dispersal mechanisms.
Whisperingbells (Emmenanthe penduliflora) may cycle the nitrogen in wildfire ash faster than nitrogen-fixing herbaceous plants.
When Bob retired from his post as Milwaukee's city forester, he devoted more time to growing herbaceous plants and teaching others about them.
The new technology enables growing large trees and herbaceous plants on rooftops where the layer of soil tends to be thin.
Within the study area plots were used to sample herbaceous plants, woody seedlings, saplings, and over-story trees according to the Vegetation Monitoring System (VMS) of the MDC.
The number and length-width of hedges, vines, and herbaceous plants were measured and recorded.
The product of more than five years of research and development, Blue Whale sidesteps tobacco's health risks because it is made from a special proprietary blend of premium herbaceous plants, cut to size and processed like tobacco, to provide the ideal packing consistency, texture, mouth feel, and flavor of premium smokeless tobacco.
Herbaceous plants (those that are not woody) do best as leaf cuttings.
Contract notice: Framework for the Supply and Delivery of Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants, Trees, Hedging Plants, Roses and Conifers.
Like shrubs, herbaceous plants have much to offer owners of quite small gardens because there is a significant saving in cost and time when compared with annuals, biennials and bulbs used in bedding.
Continue to plant trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and alpines.
Remove flower heads when herbaceous plants finish blooming ?
Growing at their feet are a vast variety of herbaceous plants - windflower, goatsbeard, ginger, bergenia, turtlehead, bugsbane, barrenwort, wintergreen, yellow waxbells, woodland phlox, barren strawberry, bloodroot and dozens of others.
Nonetheless, it is possible, even in today's small garden, to create some wonderful effects using herbaceous plants.
Color photos feature alpine zone forests, herbaceous plants, and birds.