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a plant lacking a permanent woody stem

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Note that water-based herb cubes freeze more firmly than oil-based, but herbs discolor more in water.
Formal herb gardens are traditionally round or square, often with a clipped low-growing hedge around the outside and something bigger, such as a bay in a large pot or a sundial or birdbath, in the middle, with a herb mixture filling the space.
They are suited to tubs, window boxes and herb pots with planting pockets for different herbs in one container.
With its new range of fresh herbs preparations, Frutarom enters a new dimension in the creation of authentic and natural products.
Schafer, affiliated with the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma, California, co-founded the first US company to offer organic, domestically grown Chinese medicinal herbs.
Then I had my cost to set up my herb business on top of that.
Easy-care window box herbs MOST herbs will thrive in containers that are at least 15cm (6in) deep, apart from those which have long roots, such as fennel and bay.
Inspired by Ricola's Alpine herb gardens in Switzerland, where the 13 herbs that give the sweets their great-tasting, refreshing flavours are grown, drifts of herbs formed the main feature of the garden, with plants such as sage, thyme, mallow and peppermint taking centre stage.
Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), June 14 (ANI): In a noble effort to revive old herbal remedies, the Kangra Herbs Society has started a processing unit to make medicated formulations from thousands of different herbs.
Although some herbs will grow in shade, a sunny, flat site not over-shadowed by trees and with some shelter from the wind is the ideal location for a herb garden.
The adverse effects of herbs for people with MS are not widely known.
While red raspberry works specifically to tone the uterine muscles, nettles can be used as a tonic herb to support healthy kidney function.
We are showing how to use herbs in a quick-and-easy format, such as adding to ready meals or on baked potatoes," said Mathew Prestwich, chairman of the British Herb Trade Association and partner at R&G Fresh Herbs.
For example, creating herbal art inspired by faith and the beauty of nature; crafting herbal wreaths, sachets, garlands, pillows and soaps; preparing herbal teas, infused oils and meals; making potpourri and candles infused with herbs; celebrating holidays, births, weddings, and memorials with herbs; designing a simple herb garden of plants chosen from among different spiritual traditions; even how to construct spaces in which to use herbs for reflection and mediation.
While many people are able to benefit from a dedicated herb garden, there are plenty of people who do not have the space.