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and IL-6 upregulation of C4b-binding protein in HepG-2 hepatoma cells.
Inhibitive effect of stigmasterol from Hedyotis diffusa wild on hepatoma cells in vitro vivo and its influence on transplanted H22 tumor cell's multiplication cycle, apoptosis.
All the SOLs presented as uniform solid lesions on USG, and four of the six lesions were in fact diagnosed as hepatoma.
This reduces the liver fibrosis and chances of development of hepatoma.
The interventional treatment modalities of Morris hepatoma in ACI rats are comparable to that of human HCCs with a promising outcome (3, 15).
Sensitisation of murine macrophages and human hepatoma cells to lipopolysaccharide-induced oxidative and nitrosative stress by aspirin', by Haider Raza, Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE
Results: The present study demonstrates that the anticancer effect of artocarpin in HepG2 and PLC/PRF/5 hepatoma cells is mediated through the autophagic cell death mechanism.
com)-- Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is also known as malignant hepatoma.
The H6 murine hepatoma of A/J origin was purchased from Jackson Laboratory, DCTD Tumor Repository (MRI Bank #J-750).
It is also expressed in rat hepatocytes, the rat hepatoma cells WIF-B cells, and a polarized cell line derived from rat hepatoma-human skin fibroblast cross [139], as well as in H4-IIE cells (rat hepatoma cell line) [140].
It includes the CeloNova Embozene TANDEM Drug-Elutable Microspheres, precisely calibrated spheres that can be embedded with drugs used to treat liver cancer, and the US commercialized Oncozene and Embozene Microspheres, technologies used to treat hypervascular tumors, arteriovenous malformations and hepatoma.
Prediction in Pakistan indicates that the incidence of cirrhosis can increase up to 30-40% in hepatoma.
Three cell lines were tested: Vero E6 (African green monkey kidney, ATCC CRL-1586), Hep G2 (human hepatoma, ATCC HB-8065), and human monocyte-derived macrophages.
Una de las consecuencias de esta actividad es la metilacion del promotor del gen CDH1 en las celulas de hepatoma Huh-7.
Systematic identification of micro RNA and messenger RNA profiles in hepatitis C virus infected human hepatoma cells.