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Complete report on Hepatitis B Industry of 150 pages is available at http://www.
But the good news is there is a vaccination against Hepatitis A.
Viral hepatitis affects 1 in every 12 people worldwide.
The launch of the Framework comes two years after the agreement of a historic World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution on viral hepatitis (WHA63.
Patients with hepatitis C-positive make up about 12 percent of the population with kidney failure, and those patients have an increased risk of death on dialysis compared with those without the virus, the study says.
The use of hepatitis C-positive kidneys have been controversial in the past, owing in part to a 1% difference in one-year survival rate for patients who receive the infected kidneys and a 2% difference in three-year survival.
Hepatitis B is the second most common cause of cancer after smoking, and each year an estimated 1.
Epidemiology of chronic hepatitis C virus infection in sub-Saharan Africa.
Two days before his death, Anstett recorded a deposition for a case that would be the first successful class-action challenge to a state prison system's hepatitis C treatment policies.
There are seven genotypes of hepatitis B, which are forms of the virus whose DNA differ from each other, explains study coauthor Ming-Whei Yu, an epidemiologist at National Taiwan University in Taipei.
An editorial in the Perspective section of the same issue of New England Journal of Medicine, "Treating Hepatitis C in 'Difficult-to-Treat' Patients" includes important background about the disease, causes of treatment failures, and prospects for major improvement in hepatitis C treatment over the next five to ten years.
More than 170,000 Americans contract hepatitis A or B infection each year, but many people know little about these infections.
Hepatitis A rates among Latino children in Southern California have reached epidemic levels, with those youngsters six times more likely to contract the virus than non-Latinos, according to a study released Tuesday.
Her parents, Michael and Lorna Belkin, say she had never been sick until she received a mandatory hepatitis B shot on September 16, 1998.
With rates of infection for hepatitis A, B, and C on the rise, the illness is having a devastating impact among men who have sex with men.